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The whole concept of wedding invites has changed over the years as now people are more inclined towards being in sync with the newest trends. People have also gotten choosy and wise when it comes to getting their invites designed. Plus, now there is a whole maze of different styles and designs that makes it difficult to choose the right one for your wedding. But, you don’t have to worry, being the experts of wedding planning and curating are here to help you best of our services to choose the most innovative and suitable wedding invitation for you! Not only that, but we would also offer you some designs that you can use for yourself.

Merigold With Couple
Royal Invite
Peocock Invite
Flower Bell

We would be giving you tips on choosing from the latest designs with some samples as well for inviting people during wedding occasions. As we all know the world has shifted to the digital age that has made e-invites popular these days. They are not only feasible but also help you go easy on the pocket as well as the environment. You can send some creatively designed e-invites or even a video via WhatsApp or emails suiting the theme of your wedding.

Temple Framww Invite
Cute Couple Save the Date
Floral Invite

When we talk about the latest designs of the wedding invites, couples are opting for minimalist designs as gone are the days of red and gold invites with motifs all over them. Be it a vintage idea or a modern craft, the designing is has gotten creative and unique when it comes to the latest wedding invites.

Wedding Green Leaf Invite
Minimal Wedding Invite

How to Make Virtual E-invite for Wedding

While deciding upon the design there are certain things that you need to take care of. Firstly, you have to begin with the size. Be it an e-card or a physical one, you have to take care of the size. Also, in the case of an e-invite, you have to see that the file isn’t that heavy that you face problems while sending via WhatsApp. Then comes the font, which is also an important aspect of an invite as it can make or break the appeal of your invite. You have to take care, that the font should neither be too big nor too small as it can create a lot of ambiguity. While deciding upon a font, you got something timeless and easy to read.

Then come the patterns and colours of the invite. You should go for something that goes with the font selected for the invite. You have to be smart while choosing the colours, for instance, a dark colour against a dark background or a light colour against light can look unattractive. You have to see that the guests must be able to read the details written on invites without any hassle and any kind of experimentation must not intervene with the legibility of the invite. You must not be devoid of the basic requirements while doing any kind of experimentation.

You always need to keep in mind that your invitation shouldn’t be clumsy. There are times when people try to include too many things on the invite thereby making it clumsy and disordered in every respect. Here are some beautiful designs designed by the experts at FNP Venues that will give you a fair idea how should an invite should look like.

E-invitation Making pro Tips

Pro Tip: Instead of including all the information on the creative. You can draft a message to be sent with the invite incorporating all the things that can guide the invitees to the marriage venue.

To make your invites more attractive you can also add unique patterns making them stand out. You can play with pastel shades in a classic mode of design as there are fewer risks involved and also looks beautiful at the same time. In short, going overtly experimental can be risky if you have little knowledge about the designing concepts of wedding cards.

you have a thing for cute elements that adding some bride and groom caricatures to the invite’s design is one of the most popular things to do. They not only look cute but also add a personalised touch to your invite. Also, don’t forget to be in sync with the theme of your wedding and then create your Save The Date as well as the invite accordingly. There should be proper symmetry in all the stationery being designed for the wedding.

Latest Trend for Wedding Invitation

When it comes to the latest trends of wedding invites in 2022, you can also go for relaxing, nature-inspired hues. Choose from both soft, natural tones like tranquil blue and more lively nature-inspired shades such as celery juice green as they are trending these days. We would also like to call out everyone's favourite soothing hue that is lavender which is a trending colour. For a more minimalist approach you can choose something earthy, nature-inspired tones are proving to be popular too. Trust us these warm, neutral colours evoke the same sense of calm and relaxation which also connects us with nature.

You can play around with different colours to suit your wedding season. Go for soft shades of blue look especially if you have a specific wedding stationery during winter and spring, while vibrant greens stand out in the summer. For fall, turn to those rich, earthy hues in shades of brown and red.

We have offered you so many designs that you can customise as per your wish.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is an E card for a wedding?

An E-card is basically referred to as an electronic card aka a digital invite that can be easily sent via email or messaging services such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram or so on.

2. What are digital wedding E invitations?

As we have all entered the digital age, gone are the days when you have to send physical invites to your guests. People are now opting for digital wedding E-invitations which are soft copies of the invites that can easily be sent by digital media.

3. What is the latest trend in e wedding card designs?

People are inclined towards caricatures as well as video invites that include motifs and stills from a couple’s pre-wedding shoot on their e-invites. They are also using colours matching the theme of their wedding.

4. How do you make a digital wedding invitation?

You can hire a graphic designer or ask a wedding invite designer only to get it made for you. If you want to do it yourself then you can use Photoshop or Canva to get ideas from various templates available there.