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Birthday Party Venues In Delhi

The Kundan
Kapashera, NH8

Kundan Farms is a flagship property by Ferns N Petals that serves as a perfect venue for an amazing birthday party. It is a massive venue that can accommodate more than 2000 guests. The décor of this venue is very vibrant that will surely add colors to your celebrations making it even more special. The venue offers great services leading to an amazing experience.





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Shagun Farm
Chattarpur, Delhi

Shagun Farm is a beautiful venue by Ferns N Petals that is known for offering a perfect space for an amazing birthday party. It has a lawn as well as a banquet that can be customized as per your theme of your birthday party. There is an in-house team of proficient event managers monitor the smooth progress and execution of the day of your celebration.





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Kapashera, NH8

Vilasa is a grand venue that has a perfect ambience and space to be noted as one of the top birthday party venues in Delhi. If you want to celebrate the birthday of your loved one then this is the place to be. Its key highlights include a 30-feet high ceiling adds opulence and grandeur to its appeal. The venue has a capacity to accommodate 1200 guests in attendance. Vilasa has a bright and vibrant décor that will surely light up an amazing birthday party.





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Chhatarpur Central
Chattarpur, Delhi

Chhatarpur Central by Ferns N Petals is a perfect venue for making your celebrations a lifetime memory. Its open lush green spaces that offers multiple opportunities to customize your special events the way you like. This Farm House is one of the popular kids birthday party venues and is located at a very convenient location and easily accessible for your guests. The main advantage of planning a birthday at our venue is that, you get an enormous space for your celebration.





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Best Birthday Party Venues in Delhi NCR

Venues by FNP Venues offer spacious lawns and banquet halls in Delhi for birthday parties. Whether you are looking for a party venue in Delhi to host an intimate birthday bash or a large gathering, we ensure that we offer you the best. The ambience, entertainment, food, and décor are the most important elements of any birthday party.

We take pride in our venues. All venues are equipped with parking areas, making it convenient to host big gatherings. We offer soundproof venues for prevention of any disturbance or noise pollution. We have a panel of caterers and décor team to choose from.

All our venues have different USPs, and the ones located in Delhi are as follows:

1. The Kundan: Kundan farm is situated near Rajokri on NH-8, surrounded by lush landscapes. The venue offers two decks that can accommodate 1200 and 800 people on the lower and upper deck respectively.

2. Vilasa: Vilasa can accommodate 1200 guests. Located at NH-8, it is easy to access, and the entire venue is structured in the lines of orient décor. It is known as one of the most luxurious banquet halls in Kapashera.

3. Shagun farm: Shagun farm is the biggest farm in South Delhi, located away from the bustle of the city. It offers a lot of greenery and modern infrastructure, perfect to host events with 500-1500 people.

4. Chattarpur Central: Located in Chattarpur, this is one of the most popular birthday venues in Delhi as it is easily accessible, and can host a gathering of 800-1500 people

5. Pavilion: Known to be one of the most popular venues in Chattarpur, it offers a spacious banquet hall to host wonderful parties.

6. Opulent hotel: Known to be an exquisite hotel for destination weddings, it offers an indoor and outdoor space to host birthday parties as well.

Birthday venues in Gurgaon

Venues by FNP Venues offer spacious lawns and banquet halls in Gurgaon for birthday parties. From choosing beautiful décor for a luxurious ambience to selecting from a panel of great caterers, we offer all the facilities to host extravagant and memorable parties. If you are looking for a party venue in Gurgaon that offers spaces that are fully equipped with necessary amenities, you have come to the right place.

All the party venues offered are equipped with parking spaces that can accommodate a large gathering. To give your guests a memorable experience, we ensure that we cater to all your needs and ensure safety measures. The structure and layout of each venue are designed by certified engineers. FNP Venues have come up with spacious venues ft. to host elegant events that can accommodate up to 1200-2000 people.

We offer the following venues in Gurgaon and here’s why we take pride in them:

The Ritz: Located at Ambience Islands in Gurgaon, The Ritz is known to be one of the most luxurious venues in Gurgaon to host events. The premium and magnetic ambience offered by this venue makes it a wonderful place to host parties. From the moment you enter the venue, each corner of the space oozes luxury through its breathtaking elements. It can accommodate from 800 to 2000 people.

The Riviera: Another premium and luxurious venue offered by FNP Venues, The Riviera is yet again another popular venue in Gurgaon to host parties. With the state- of-the-art infrastructure, this venue redefines extravagance. This affluent venue can accommodate 800-2000 people.

Riviera House: The newest addition of FNP Venues, Riviera House can accommodate max. 1200 people in its banquet hall but offers a parking space for 2000 cars. It is a suitable venue to host elegant gatherings.

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What are the types of Birthday Party venues?

Under FNP Venues, there are several options you can choose from to host a birthday. Depending on your exact requirements and needs, we can offer you venues in the form of a farmhouse, lawn, banquet halls and conference rooms. These venues can come in different sizes based on the number of guests. Keeping the weather conditions and personal needs in mind, you can choose out of these options.

What place is best for birthday celebration?

To host commendable birthday parties , FNP Venues offer some of the best venues in Delhi. Some of our venues are situated in prime locations like near NH-8 and Chattarpur, such as Vilasa, Opulent Hotel, Chattarpur Central, Shagun Farm, Pavilion, Udman Hotel Panchsheel and Udman Hotel Greater Noida. Since it is easy to commute to these locations, these venues are known for the accessibility. Additionally, the venues have all the necessary facilities to host excellent parties.

What are some Top Rated Birthday Party venues?

There are several top-rated party venues in Delhi/NCR that can offer the space to host remarkable events. FNP Venues offer some premium venues for you to host flawless and commendable birthday parties. Some of our top-rated venues are Vilasa, Opulent Hotel, Chattarpur Central, Pavilion, The Ritz, Riviera House. These venues are easily accessible, are equipped with all the necessary amenities to host a corporate party and are spacious to accommodate many people. Depending on the kind of entertainment you want for a birthday party, these venues are unique to each other and have unique features to host amazing events.

Where should I go for my birthday in Delhi NCR?

There are several factors to be considered while deciding the kind of venue you want to choose for a birthday event. Delhi/NCR offers many venues that are suitable for a birthday party. Certain key points are important to remember such as the no. of guests, the convenience of the location of the venue, amenities needed for entertainment like a stage or a dance floor, whether a lawn or banquet hall is needed, etc. FNP Venues specialize in offering all sorts of venue based on the needs. Hence, based on these criteria you can choose a venue for your event.

What are the average rental charges of birthday party venues in Gurgaon?

Under FNP Venues, the charge for the venue includes rental and décor change. Most of our venues are pre-decorated, hence it does not require extra decoration. However, some elements can be added or removed depending on your requirements and that comes at an additional cost. Venues without in-built décor have the flexibility of getting decorated from scratch at additional costs. Our party venues in Gurgaon come with in-built décor. To know the charges of the venue, kindly contact our team and they will guide you through the rates.

Are parking services available at birthday party venues in Gurgaon ?

Yes, the venues offered by FNP Venues in Gurgaon offer parking spaces. The spaces can accommodate 800-1500 cars and valet service is provided at an additional cost.

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