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Wedding Resorts in Delhi NCR

As Indian Weddings has got onto a very large scale, people are keen on celebrating them at wedding resorts. These are considered to be more relaxing and opulent at the same time as they also offer rooms for stay for the guests as well as the bride and groom’s family. There are numerous wedding resorts in Delhi NCR that offer great hospitality as well as spaces for celebrating weddings. FNP Venues’ wedding resorts in Delhi, named Udman, Greater Noida and Opulent, Chhatarpur are noted amongst the most popular in their areas.

Benefits of wedding resorts:

  • Choosing a resort has several benefits for the hosts and guests. The joy of staying together with all the guests is unmatched, it allows everyone to experience all the events together and the small gatherings in between.
  • - Additionally, it becomes convenient as well since all the events are usually hosted at the same location and the travelling time is eliminated altogether.
  • For the hosts it is easier to look after their guests and the management of the events. Managing their belongings becomes easier and hosts are able to enjoy all the events as well, without any hassle.
  • - Most wedding resorts have multiple venues at the same location, such as a garden or a banquet hall. The families of bride and groom can either host functions together to make the most out of it or organize separate events at the same resort simultaneously.
  • It is more cost effective to host weddings functions at one location as there is only one-time travelling cost. The catering is mostly organized on behalf of the resort itself and there is no hassle of coordinating with different caterers for different events. Similarly, the décor team can manage the decorations for all events taking place in the resort.

All three resorts are designed in a way to make your celebrations even more memorable. They also have multiple venues under one roof that can help you celebrate all your functions in one place! These resorts by FNP offer a great plethora of services that can help you plan the whole celebration without any hassle. They have an in-house planning team, décor team as well as catering that can save you from hunting multiple vendors for your wedding celebration.

Greater Noida

Udman resort has been a top choice for many weddings for several reasons. The venues at Udman resort are designed by a panel of national designers. Their expertise provides us with the best infrastructure and design. Our hotel is abreast of all the latest trends that are being followed in the wedding industry to stay up-to-date. We have an in-house team of managers who are here to cater to your requirements and address your precise needs so that you can have a smooth journey on your special day. Each venue at the hotel has special features that make it unique.


3.5 Acres



Parking Space


Opulent Hotel
Chhatarpur, Delhi

Opulent Hotel offers multiple spaces in one place making it a perfect choice on the Chhatarpur Main Road. The other notable features of this amazing venue by FNP include its division into 2 parts- one bigger lawn + hall setting and one smaller lawn + hall setting. It also has spacious, centrally air-conditioned and luxurious, they have over 21 luxurious rooms along with 2 Suites overlooking the elegantly landscaped Venues. This resort even has a large parking area.


3.5 Acres



Parking Space


Udman, Greater Noida

  • Udman, Greater Noida comprises of 6 spaces at the same location. A banquet named Unma that can accommodate 100-125 guests, a small banquet names Ullas with the capacity of 60-70 guests, a small open space named Urvi which is a terrace garden that can accommodate 30 to 50 guests, one big lawn named Udyan with the capacity of 200-250 people, one small corporate conference space and the biggest of all is a hangar setting named Utsav that can 500 to 800guests.
  • All the venues in Udamn Greater Noida are distinctively unique and include all the amenities to host any kind of event, such as pre-wedding functions and weddings. With a range of options in venues at the hotel, you will not have to repeat a venue for any function.
  • The rooms in the hotel are divided in three categories: deluxe, premium, and suites. The guests staying in the hotel will experience sheer luxury in regard to a destination wedding. There are lounging areas in the hotel as well that can turn into wedding break areas, where guests can unwind and take a breather from the hectic schedule.
  • The hotel offers in-house catering and there is a vast menu from which the final items can be chosen. In a situation where the client wants to go ahead with another caterer, they can speak to the in-house manager or the wedding team to discuss this further.

Opulent Hotel, Chattarpur

  • Opulent is one of the most exquisite destination wedding venues in Delhi NCR. A spectacular setting lapped by the lavish natural greenery with a unique confluence of the city and luxury built on around 3.5 acres of land. It’s a beautiful resort specially designed to host destinations as well as residential weddings.
  • Opulent hotel has 2 main venues – one big lawn with a hall setting and a small lawn with a hall setting. This allows our guests to enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces and plan their events based on weather conditions as well.
  • The bigger garden can host 200-250 people and smaller garden can host 100- 150 people, offering you a premium space for intimate to medium sized gatherings in the most comfortable fashion. Our guests can enjoy the versatility of our venues by hosting different events in different venues.
  • Most of our venues are pre-decorated. However, our venues in Opulent Hotel do not have installed décor. This gives our guests an opportunity to choose the décor for their events as per their requirement or the theme that they want to go ahead with.
  • You can take advantage of our packages when you choose Opulent Hotel for a resort wedding. These packages include catering, décor, accommodation, and other services. Our in-house team will ensure that you get the best service possible.

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