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Auspicious Saya Wedding Dates For The Year 2024

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 27, 2023
  • 8 minutes read


Are you planning your wedding in 2024? Looking for an auspicious date? Here’s some help from us…


As we all know Indian weddings are no less than a festival for the couple and their family and friends. This pious occasion is celebrated with great pomp and shows in attendance of priests from the family’s respective religion. Indian marriages are all about rituals and customs and above all, they also carry out this ritual of celebrating it on an auspicious day and time.


If you are also planning your marriage in the year 2024 and looking for saya dates as per the astrologers, or want to go for something according to the availability of long weekends to plan a fun wedding event then the below-mentioned calendar has the best suggestions for you. This 2024 Wedding Calendar will tell you all the auspicious wedding dates and long weekend dates together that can help you plan your wedding as per your preferences.


Let’s begin…



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In January 2024



Brides who have always dreamt of a winter wedding and flaunting their velvet and silk outfits with stunning full-sleeve blouse designs should go with a January Wedding. Here are some saya marriage dates for January…. 16th January 2024 (Tuesday), 17th January 2024 (Wednesday), 20th January 2024 (Saturday), 21st January 2024 (Sunday), 22nd January 2024 (Monday), 27th January 2024 (Saturday), 28th January 2024 (Sunday), 30th January 2024 (Tuesday) and 31st January (Wednesday).


Some unique wedding dates for weddings include 1st January 2024 (Monday) (New Beginnings), 14th January 2024 (Sunday) (Harvest Love), 15th January 2024 (Monday) (Harvest Love), 25th January 2024 (Thursday) (Full Moon), and 26th January (Friday) (Long Weekend).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In February 2024



February is one of the favourite months to tie the knot for couples as it’s the month of love that is Valentine’s week! This is a time all about love and joy. That beautiful week begins with Rose Day and Promise Day and goes on till the 14th of February. Here are the auspicious marriage dates… 4th February 2024 (Sunday), 6th February 2024 (Tuesday), 8th February 2024 (Thursday), 12th February 2024 (Tuesday), 13th February 2024 (Wednesday), 17th February 2024 (Saturday), 24th February 2024 (Saturday), 25th February 2024 (Sunday), 26th February 2024 (Monday) and 29th February 2024 (Thursday).


The unique date you can choose to get married in the month of February is the 14th of February 2024 (Thursday) which is Valentine’s Day!



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In March 2024



The month of March is the beginning Spring-Summer season in many parts of India that offers pleasant weather for celebrations. The neither too hot nor too cold weather makes this month one of the most favourable months! If you have always dreamt of tying the knot in an open setting then March is the right choice for you! The auspicious dates in this month include 1st March 2024 (Friday), 2nd March 2024 (Saturday), 3rd March 2024 (Sunday), 4th March 2024 (Monday), 5th March 2024 (Tuesday), 6th March 2024 (Wednesday), 10th March 2024 (Sunday), 11th March 2024 (Monday), and 12th March 2024 (Tuesday).


Unique wedding dates to explore in the month of March include 8th March 2024 (Friday) (Shiv Ratri), 9th March 2024 (Saturday), 29th March 2024 (Friday) (Good Friday), 30th March 2024 (Saturday) (Good Friday weekend) and 31st March 2024 (Sunday) (Good Friday weekend).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In April 2024



One more month for spring-summer lovers. This month is perfect if couples want to flaunt flowy pastel outfits as well as wedding decorations with spring-summer vibes. Here are April 2024 dates… 18th April 2024 (Thursday), 20th April 2024 (Saturday)22nd April 2024 (Monday), 24th April 2024 (Wednesday) and 26th April 2024 (Thursday).


Unique wedding dates to explore in the month of April include 10th April 2024 (Wednesday) (Id-ul-Fitr), 13th April 2024 (Saturday) (Vaisakhi), 14th April 2024 (Sunday) (Vaisakhi), 17th April 2024 (Wednesday) (Ram Navami), 21st April 2024 (Sunday) (Mahavir Jayanti) and 23rd April 2024 (Tuesday) (Full Moon).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In May 2024



This year’s May surprisingly has no saya dates as compared to last year. However, the occasion of Buddha Purnima is noted as pious for all Hindu weddings and sacred rituals in India. You can choose 23rd May 2024 (Thursday) (Buddha Purnima) to celebrate your union.



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In June 2024



Just like the month of May, the month of June also turns out to be another slow wedding season with just two best marriage dates in 2024. You can choose either 28th June 2024 (Friday) or 29th June 2024 (Saturday) as per the astrologers.


Unique wedding dates to explore are 21st June 2024 (Friday) (Summer Solstice) and 22nd June 2024 (Saturday – Full Moon).


Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In July 2024



Surprisingly this year’s July month has more marriage dates as compared to the months of May and June. You can choose from the dates that include 9th July 2024 (Tuesday), 11th July 2024 (Thursday), 13th July 2024 (Saturday), 14th July 2024 (Sunday) and 15th July 2024 (Monday).


Other than these saya dates you can also go for 21st July 2024 (Sunday) (Full Moon).


Auspicious Marriage Dates from August to October 2024


There are zilch saya dates from August to October 2024…

Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In November 2024



November is probably the most loved month to host a wedding in India, both weather-wise as well as time-wise. There are numerous sacred dates as per the Hindu Calendar that will be perfect to host a grand wedding… Here are the dates… 13th November 2024 (Wednesday), 17th November 2024 (Sunday), 22nd November 2024 (Friday), 23rd November 2024 (Saturday), 25th November 2024 (Monday), 26th November 2024 (Tuesday) and 28th November 2024 (Thursday).


Unique wedding dates to explore in the month of November are 3rd November 2024 (Sunday) (Bhai Dooj), 15th November 2024 (Friday) (Full Moon) and 16th November 2024 (Saturday) (Full Moon).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates In December 2024



A perfect winter wedding can be planned in the beautiful month of December. All those hot desserts to hog on and beautiful outfits to try on will surely be a delight if you choose to get married in the month of December! Here are the dates… 4th December 2024 (Wednesday), 5th December 2024 (Thursday), 9th December 2024 (Monday), 10th December 2024 (Tuesday) and 14th December 2024 (Saturday).


Unique wedding dates to explore in the month of December 2024 include 15th December 2024 (Sunday) (Full Moon), 21st December 2024 (Saturday) (Winter Solstice), 25th December 2024 (Wednesday) (Christmas) and 31st December (Tuesday) (New Year’s Eve).


We think that 2024 will be a year filled with love and celebrations and we can’t wait to be serving you with the best of our services.


You can choose from the above saya dates to plan for your perfect wedding!



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