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Wedding Venues & Farmhouses for wedding in Chattarpur

Undoubtedly, Chattarpur is a hub of wedding venues in South Delhi. There is every kind wedding venues in Chattarpur, to meet the requirements of your event. Not only farmhouses but, there are plenty of banquet halls in Chattarpur as well. Amongst all, FNP Venues has three venues in this area named, Shagun Farms, Pavilion and Chhatarpur Central. All the three venues have open lawns as well as closed setups that can also be customized as per the client’s needs. Pavilion is the newest addition in the venues by FNP Venues and it has a very unique feature, which is a Glass Hanger specially designed to make your events look unique.

Shagun Farm
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  • FNP Venues Location Icon Chhatarpur, Delhi

Chhatarpur Central
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Opulent Hotel
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Udman Hotel
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A luxurious wedding with elegant decor is something that every guest and relative would remember about weddings. We are proficient in organizing wedding events and our well-maintained venues for marriages are always ready to add glitter to the big day.

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Chattarpur Wedding Venues by FNP Venues

Wedding Venues LocationGuest Capacity
Chhatarpur Central Chattarpur, Delhi-110074 300-1200 People
Opulent Hotel Chattarpur, Delhi-110034 150-800 People
Shagun farm Chattarpur, Delhi-110047 400-1200 People
Pavilion Chattarpur, Delhi-110074 400- 1500 People

When it comes to Delhi weddings, the first place that pops up in your mind is the Chattarpur area of South Delhi. Undoubtedly, Chattarpur is a hub of wedding venues in the South Delhi area. There is every kind of wedding venue in Chattarpur, to meet the requirements of your event. Not only farmhouses but, there are plenty of banquet halls in Chattarpur as well.

If you are dreaming of a luxurious wedding in Chattarpur, then, certainly spaces by FNP Venues are the right choice for you. We have four venues in this area named, cghcfhfgh


Being the only chain with 11 wedding venues in Delhi NCR, we have been striving to make your celebrations the most special day of your lives be it a wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary or even a corporate event.

We have been in the wedding industry for the past 20 years and our creative team of designers, as well as managers, are getting more innovative with each passing day to offer the best to its clients. Inspired by the current trends of the wedding, we keep coming up with new décor settings and services for almost every kind of celebration and occasion. With our aim to please our clients and deliver smiles, we always add uniqueness to the decor at our wedding farmhouses in Chattarpur for every event.

Luxury Farmhouses & Halls in Chattarpur

FNP Venue is a highly trusted event space provider that serves a large number of clients throughout Delhi and the NCR region. They are known for their innovative decor and spacious locations that are suitable for a wide range of social and corporate gatherings, which has made them the top choice for many people. The trust that their customers have placed in them drives them to constantly strive for new goals and to work harder to maintain their success. Not just with their venues but also the services offered by FNP Venues at their banquet halls and farmhouses are impeccable. Each venue is well equipped with all the necessary facilities.

To further expand the love for good events, there are four farmhouses in Chattarpur under FNP Venues’ umbrella that are meant specifically for weddings and other social events. These venues offer world-class services and premium hospitality and feature open lawns and customizable closed spaces that can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. The decor at these locations is designed to be modern and trendy, with special elements and installations added to create a fairytale-like setting.

Banquet Halls & Wedding venues in Chattarpur Delhi

One of the most popular farmhouses for weddings in Chattarpur is Shagun Farm. This venue offers a lush green area and a customizable banquet setting, as well as a new lawn + glasshouse space that will be a unique option for celebrations. It has gained popularity due to its luxurious setting and plush surroundings that provide the perfect ambience for special occasions.

Another option is Chhatarpur Central, which has a closed setup and a lawn that provide a beautiful setting for events. The closed banquet area has a French decor theme that adds a touch of elegance to weddings and other celebrations.

Pavilion, located on the main road in Chattarpur, is another highly regarded venue that features an open lawn, glass hanger, and customizable closed space. It is known as one of the most impressive banquet halls in the area, with breathtaking decor elements that add to the beauty of the location.

The newest addition to the FNP Venue family is the Opulent Hotel, a wedding resort that is quickly gaining a reputation as an exquisite destination for weddings in the Delhi NCR region.

Why choose us?

The best thing about our Chattarpur wedding venues is that the decor at these venues can also be little modified as per the clients’ preferences and requirements. These venues are also listed amongst Chattarpur farms for parties as they have both an open setting as well as a closed setting. The closed setups are fully covered as well as air conditioning that makes them suitable for all kinds of functions, be it a wedding or some other social gathering. Not only ambience but all these venues are equipped with ample parking spaces and other security that plays an important role at gatherings at venues. These venues count among the best wedding venues in south Delhi.

All our venues are designed in a way, that they can be modified as per the theme of the event be it a birthday party, anniversary, corporate meetup, Diwali party or any other pre-wedding function. If you are looking for a Chattarpur farmhouse for the party then, you are in the right place. Our venue offers the right blend of stunning decor and 5-star services that will surely make all your celebration a memorable affair.

Our venues in Chattarpur are well equipped with all the modern amenities that make them perfect for all kinds of corporate gatherings including conferences, seminars, team building events, business dinners, press conferences, networking events, award ceremonies etc. If you are planning for a venue to hold any kind of event, venues by FNP Venues in Chattarpur is the exact place. Our in-house event planners are experienced and know how to make your event special.

Wedding Venues at Chattarpur Delhi

There are varieties of venues to choose from in Chattarpur. The choice of venue depends on several factors that play an important role in determining the final decision. Depending on the season when the wedding is taking place, you can choose a venue with an appropriate setting. For example, people usually opt for an indoor space during summer to avoid the heat outside. In winters, most people enjoy hosting day events in an outdoor space. The choice of venue also depends on the number of people and number of functions. Choosing a smaller and intimate venue is more appropriate if the number of guests is less. Our venues can accommodate from 400 to 1200 guests. The number of functions matters as you may not want to repeat a space at the same venue.

Farmhouses for Weddings in Chattarpur?

There are farmhouses in Chattarpur that are equipped with lawns and halls. Each venue offered by FNP has been designed keeping the convenience in mind. Each venue is unique, offering amenities for a wonderful wedding function or any sort of social gathering. Depending on your gathering size and the kind of event, you can choose from the range of venues in Chattarpur. Additionally, there is one hotel, called Opulent called that is famous for residential and destination weddings. There are about 35 rooms in the hotel and a great space to host several wedding functions.

What types of functions can be organised at these venues?

The venues in Chattarpur can serve all the purposes. The venues are constructed and designed in a way that you can organize any kind of wedding function. There are big and spacious lawns that are perfect for Mehendi and Haldi functions. The banquet halls can be used for weddings, cocktails, and receptions. Depending upon the weather, you can decide where to hold the functions. However, the venues are not just restricted to wedding functions. The farmhouses in Chattarpur are used for birthday parties, corporate parties, and all sorts of gatherings as well.

FNP Venues offer a variety of venues in Chattarpur. All the venues have a bridal room. However, there is only one venue, Opulent Hotel, that offers accommodation for the guests. The hotel has 2 lawns and 1 hall, providing you with 3 spaces to host any kind of function. There are 35 rooms in total that are fully equipped with all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

Types of spaces at Chhatarpur

All the venues in Chattarpur offer indoor and outdoor spaces. They have a lawn and a banquet hall, spacious enough to accommodate a large gathering. The advantage of offering two spaces (both indoor and outdoor) is the ability to host any kind of wedding function, despite the external factors such as weather conditions. Additionally, there is a large parking space in every venue that can accommodate a minimum of 400 parked cars.

Décor at the venues

The venues and farmhouses in Chattarpur do not have in-built décor. The décor is offered at an additional cost. This gives you the flexibility of choosing your décor and theme, enabling you to have the function of your dreams. The décor charges are additional to the rental charges. We have a team of wedding planners and décor staff, who can help you to turn your vision into reality.

  • Best Wedding venues in Chattarpur | Shagun Farm | Opulent Hotel | FNP Venues

    Best Wedding Venues in Chattarpur Area By FNP Venues

        • Shagun Farm
        • Pavilion
        • Chhatarpur Central
        • Opulent Hotel

    Venue Services Details

          • 400 – 1200 Guest
          • 50,000 Upto Sq. ft
          • Provided by the venue ( Panel )
          • Parking space for 500 cars
          • Best Decor -Provided by the venue
          • AC Bridal room

    All Luxury Services Available Here**

    The décor of all the venues by FNP in Chattarpur is designed per the latest trends of the industry that can add that extra glam to your celebration the most special time of your life. The key highlight of these venues is the convenient locations that make them noted among the most popular ones in the area.

We offer a panel of caterers that you can choose from for your wedding functions. All the caterers offer a range of cuisines with delectable food items. The kind of caterer you want to choose solely depends on your taste and the theme of the function. Whether you are looking for a vegetarian menu or a non-vegetarian menu, everything can be managed under our panel. Additionally, the choice of caterer also depends on your guests and what they would prefer to consume. The season also plays a huge role in determining what caterer you choose. You would look for light finger food and cooling beverages in summer, whereas in winter you would prefer something soothing. Even though we have a panel of caterers that will offer you a range of cuisines, we also give you the liberty to choose a caterer of your own. If you have a caterer in mind that you would like to choose for your event, we allow outside caterers.

There is no curfew as to when the venues close at night. We offer you the flexibility of hosting events till the time you would prefer. Since the venues are spread out over a large space and are spacious farmhouses, there is no restriction on music as well. Our halls are soundproof; hence it does not cause any disturbances to neighbouring venues.

Frequently Asked Questions to Find Wedding Venues in Chattarpur

What is the average per plate cost of a wedding in Chhatarpur Delhi?

The average per plate cost of a wedding in Chattarpur varies from 1500 to 4500 per plate. This depends on several factors such as the venue, caterer, choice of menu, etc. Our in-house team can guide you through the rates. You can check out our venues on our website, where you will be able to see the rates per plate.

How far in advance do you need to book a wedding venue?

As soon as the dates of the functions are finalized, the first and most important thing to do is to decide on the venue. Popular venues book out very soon if the dates fall during wedding season, to the point where people book venues one year in advance. Hence, it is advised that you must decide and book the venue as soon as the dates are confirmed.

What is the most popular wedding venue?

All our venues differ significantly from each other and they are all equipped with all important amenities to host a wedding. The popularity of each venue is based on the size of the venue, the location, and capacity to host functions. Depending on your needs and desires, each venue has certain features that can cater to your needs.

Do the banquet halls offer catering services?

All the venues under FNP Venues offer catering services. We have a wide range of caterers on our panel that you can choose from. They all specialize in different cuisines, giving you a range of options to choose from, based on your exact requirement.

Are there any bar or alcohol services provided?

In addition to bar services, additional charges apply depending on what you need at the bar, such as alcohol brands, bartenders, décor, lighting, customization, etc. To ensure that we cater to your needs, please list down your requirements and share it with our in-house team.

Are there any parking services available?

Yes, parking services are available. The venues in Chattarpur can accommodate more than 500 cars at each venue.

Which are the best banquet halls in Chattarpur, Delhi city?

FNP Venues offer some of the most popular and luxurious banquet halls in Chattarpur. The banquet halls under FNP Venues are Shagun Farm, Chattarpur Central, Pavilion, and Opulent Hotel. Each venue offers a unique set of amenities, and they exude luxury in different aspects.

Do the banquet halls offer catering services in chattarpur ?

All the venues under FNP Venues offer catering services. We have a wide range of caterers on our panel that you can choose from. They all specialize in different cuisines, giving you a range of options to choose from, based on your exact requirement.

Which type of venue should I choose?

Choosing the right wedding venue is an important task and the type of venue depends on various factors. You can list down your priorities in terms of the amenities that are required at the venue. There are several 5-star venues in Delhi/NCR, from banquet halls to farms and lawns. While choosing the right venue, you should look into the guest list and find a place that can accommodate everyone. Other important factors include weather conditions, décor, parking facility, accommodation, etc.