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2020 Weddings trends that are here to stay in 2021!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • April 6, 2021
  • 4 minutes read


The year 2020 came with a lot of hurdles! The pandemic has left an irremovable mark on the wedding industry! Even the current situation doesn’t seem promising. The previous year was all about intimate weddings, nuptials on zoom meeting, socially distanced setups and so on. Couples planned micro weddings that were planned at the bride’s or groom’s home and big fat Indian weddings mattered no more in the year 2020. There were so many other changes as well as shifts in the wedding industry’s trends such as switching to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. As the threat of COVID-19 is still lurking around it seems a little difficult for large weddings to make a comeback this year!


Though the vaccine has come into existence, we still have some hopes for this year! We are expecting that the wedding trends of the year 2020 will be a part of the wedding industry in the year 2021 as well!


Let’s read on what 2020 wedding trends will be a part of this year too!



Intimate/Micro Weddings


I guess gone are the days when Indian weddings were all about hundreds of guests where you used to invite your far-off relatives as well as acquaintances! As now there are limitations on the number of guests, weddings are supposed to happen with the least number of guests. The couples who got married in 2020 invited their closest family members only. Even this year would be all about intimate settings only as millennial couples are now very much inclined towards the simple ceremonies with their closest friends and family only.



No kids and elderly at the weddings


When we talk about weddings during the pandemic, safety is the first concern that comes to our mind! If you avoid inviting kids as well as the elderly at the ceremony then trust us it won’t negatively impact your etiquettes. Both of them are an important part of the family… but safety comes first! In the previous year, people intentionally didn’t bring them to the ceremony to protect them. They can be a part of the celebrations through an online medium we would suggest you continue doing so until everyone is vaccinated.



Multi-functions with a different guests list


In most of the cities, the maximum guestlist for each gathering is 100 or lesser, which used to be 50 in the previous year. This forced the couples to face so many challenges to downsize their guest list and then re-plan their celebration. Some of them planned multiple functions with different guest lists so that all the important people can become a part of the celebration. We can see that continuing this year too!



Digitized celebration  


The pandemic led to so many restrictions where people can’t even travel to their loved ones’ wedding too! This led to rising in the live streaming of wedding celebrations and we can see that happening this year too! Your faraway family members, as well as friends, will be able to be part of your wedding ceremonies through online apps.



Weddings at home


We all would agree with what Elvis Presley said ‘Home is where the heart is”. The year 2020 proved it right too. Many couples decided on celebrating their wedding at their own place with their close family members! This was the safest option and we think this year we would be seeing the same!



Socially distanced seating


Social distancing has become an important part of our lives and it has to be maintained at wedding functions too. The previous year showed us so many creative ways of maintaining such seating! There were customized cabana seating areas, caged lounges, traditional tents and what not to do it in style.



Sustainable décor


Eco-friendly and sustainable products used at weddings were a step towards a safer environment and greener earth for our future generations. We would urge everyone to continue in the same spirit this year as well!



All you need to do is ensure safety while making your wedding special at the same time!



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