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An Ultimate Guide To Survive Rishta Meetings In An Arranged Marriage

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 26, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Many of you must have been through it whereas there are so many others who have to go through this in future. An arranged thing for marriage is a set-up initiated by parents to introduce their children to get a perfect match. It’s a same story at every household where parents start searching for the ‘perfect rishta’ for their kids when they turn 24. Some of us who are not able to find our partner have to rely upon our parents to find a partner for us. We know its all awkward when our parents change their notion from ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ to ‘get married to stranger’. 

So, we prepared an ultimate guide that will help you go with all those rishta meetings smoothly. We know you can’t control them but you have to survive them… Take all the help you want from the guide below.

First things first, Prepare yourself mentally

This may sound easy, but it’s a bit difficult to calm yourself when your bio-data is floating all around. Everyone suggesting the perfect rishtas and asking for your pictures. You need to be calm at this point and prepare yourself beforehand for all this madness.

Wise Decision Making

Take your own time as we know not everyone is in favour of arranged marriage, but you should always give it a thought if your parents like that person or not. You should meet, or talk to them once or twice before taking decision. That would be fair enough for everyone.

Be ready for this rishta meetings

This would be the most difficult part, meeting strangers. So here are some tips how to go through it.

  • Be well dressed and prepared for that first meet– A salon appointment won’t hurt before meeting. The way you look will add confidence to your personality. 
  • Create a comfortable environment– Nowadays these meetings are initiated at a restaurant or a hotel. So give a smile to each other while sitting on the opposite table to make the comfortable environment as you both must be nervous about all this.
  • Ask general questions– Just break the ice with some general questions such as asking about their hobbies, family and work. Don’t ask their salary in the first meeting.  Go slow and try to make an interesting conversation. 
  • Observe– Keep your observation low profile, and observe their body language while they talk. Don’t make it obvious as it can make the other person nervous. If you find them uncomfortable answering a certain question, try to change the topic. 
  • Ask their point of view regarding marriages- This would be the most important thing for you. Ask them about their thoughts on marriage. Are they really thinking of getting married or if they have been forced to meet you?
  • No cheesy compliments- Guys! Cheesy compliments are a strict no! They can totally spoil the mood.

Put all your thoughts together

After meeting and everything, make sure you have everything in your mind that will help you make the right decision. If you are content to take it forward, then you can ask them about the next meeting to know them better. 

We hope this arranged marriage guide and rishta meetings tips help you survive your meetings. Do let us know in the comments if it helped.

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