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Cool Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 26, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Reception is an after-party to celebrate the union of two people and their families. Therefore, it has to be fun as you won’t like that stereotypical idea of just getting dressed up and standing on the stage like a doll, smiling till your cheeks hurt. Being the new age couple, you must have realized that the receptions can be a really boring affair and you must be husting for some cool ideas to make it fun. So, we have listed a few simple yet fab things that you could do for your reception, where you and your guests can have the utmost fun.

Ditch The Couple Stage

Reception is all about having a gala time with your loved ones after all that rituals and wedding madness. We would suggest you ditch the stage and enjoy it with your family and friends. Don’t stay confined to the stage for pictures, instead have a nice floral backdrop for some pictures. 

Go For An All White Theme

Your mehendi, sangeet as well as the wedding must have all the bright colours in the décor. So, go a little different for your reception. You can take a little inspiration from the Western culture and let your BFFs speak their heart out in their speeches. You can also go for the bride and father special dance too. Make it an all-white themed affair to add a whimsical touch to the whole setting. 

Add Some Games

Games can make any affair a fun-filled affair. It can indulge everyone present at the function and add excitement to your party. So, break the ice and keep your reception lively. You can go organize a few interesting games and involve your other family members too. 

Have An Award Night

A reception party is no less than a star-studded function! Why not go for something fun and different? So, you can host an award night to celebrate your special people. Make them gear up for a special night where you give a token of love to your friends & family. 

If you have any suggestions for a fun reception? Let us know in comments below.

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