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How should grooms choose their outfits as per the type of venue?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • January 9, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

In Indian weddings, wedding outfits are the most important decision to make after the selection of wedding venues. Previously, brides’ outfits were given so much importance, but now grooms are very much keen on looking their best on their wedding day… The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting your wedding outfit is the type of your venue. We know, matching your look to your location can get a little confusing. Therefore, here we are with all the info and inspiration you need to make the perfect choice for your D-Day.


Ballroom or Closed Venue

If you are planning for celebrations in a Ballroom or a closed venue, then you can go for a traditional black tuxedo (or a nice suit) works for a ballroom ceremony. Plus, if you are thinking of going a little traditional then a sharply tailored bandhgala or a dark coloured sherwani which are timeless classics.


Open Lawn Area

Nowadays, people are very much willing to get married at lawn setting, which can be decorated as per they want. You can choose a nice theme and adorn the area as a fairy tale setting with flowers, drapes or even customised props. For such kind of venue, the grooms can go for light coloured sherwanis with contrasting headgear, if it’s a day wedding. In the case of a night wedding, choose darker tones such as blue,  green or even purple. You can also select the gold colour for both day or night wedding.


Beach Wedding

If you are inclined towards a sundowner beach wedding, then again we will suggest you lighter shades including grey, light blue or even beige with gold… Plus, the fabric and silhouette of your sherwani should also be a little lighter side as it will maybe humid on the beach.


Palace Wedding

A Palace Wedding is what everyone dreams of. People love getting married at the stunning royal forts of Rajasthan. These are the most popular kind of destination weddings nowadays. Therefore, if you are planning to marry like royalty, then you should look like one too. So, go for a beautifully designed as well as embroidered sherwani, which should make you look no less than a prince.

We hope you can use some help from the above-mentioned suggestions and look like royalty on your wedding.

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