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How to celebrate your first Holi after marriage?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 9, 2020
  • 3 minutes read




First festivals after marriage hold great importance in every newly married couple, especially for brides. Celebrating Holi with your new family has a special ring to it. Your new family members want to spend some quality time with you and bring in the excitement that comes in with a celebration of this beautiful festival of colours! As this would be the first Holi with the new family, we totally understand that it can be a wee bit stressful. Though it may give an amazing beginning to your new life with your soulmate, keeping up with the post-wedding as well as festival rituals can be a task at times. Don’t you worry, here are some tips for all you newly-wed brides that will surely help you to come out of this stress and enjoy the festival.



Start with the Basics


The best way to do something is by figuring out the primary things such as what will you be wearing. As we all know, the celebration goes on for two days so on the first day you can go for something traditional for the Puja at night, whereas on the other day where you will be playing with colours, you should go for something white. Don’t splurge too much on it as it may get ruined post all the celebrations with colours.



Jewellery to match your outfits


You must be flaunting your jewellery as a newly-wed but on this occasion, you can surely tone it down. You really need to be careful about what you choose, and we would totally suggest you go for your real jewellery on the first day and go artificial jewellery for the second day.



Host a Get-together


A Holi get-together would be a perfect time to get close to the relatives and friends of your in-laws. You can celebrate your first Holi with them and be the perfect hostess of the party to greet them warmly. Also, get the popular Bollywood songs Holi tracks such as Rang Barsey, Balam Pichkari, Bhangra mixes to set the right mood for the whole party. You can totally enjoy dancing with your family and friends and have a fun Holi party.



Don’t get crazy with the booze


Holi parties are all about having fun while getting a get a bit tipsy. But, you need to have a little control over yourself as it’s your first Holi celebration, you have to be a little careful. There are chances that you will be pushed a little to try a bit of bhaang, but you have to take care of that. You can go ahead and indulge yourself in the party, but don’t go crazy with it! Also, make sure that your partner is there with you when you are trying something new at the party.



Be Prepared


This is the most important Holi tips for a newly-wed bride. Being the newest member of the family, you won’t be spared when it comes to colours. Plus, we are all aware of the fact that the colours can be harsh on the skin as well as hair so, apply oil on your hair before the celebrations to protect them. Also, moisturize your face as well as body properly with a good moisturizer or coconut or almond oil so that you can rid of colours properly without damaging it.



We hope these tips will help you have a memorable first Holi after marriage!


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