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Interesting And Fun Games For Bridal Shower Parties​

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 20, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Getting married soon? Thinking of throwing a fun bridal shower party? We know you must be planning on having a gala time on your wedding but why just limit the enjoyment factor till your wedding? You can make your pre-wedding phase happening and memorable as your wedding by having a fun bridal shower party. You should have yourself surrounded with balloons, gauze decorations, female friends and family while unwrapping a pile of presents on your bridal shower is such a picture perfect moment.

So to make your bridal shower the best experience you ever had we have curated some bridal shower games for you…

Predict the Wedding day outfit

This is a perfect game for a bridal shower party. Plus, it will surely add up more excitement among the guest for your dress. You can make your guest guess what would your wedding outfit look like.  They can guess the colour, fabric or even type of embroidery and the one with the closest guess takes the prize home.


You can have a wedding pictionary. It’s not only a little different nut also offbeat. Before starting the party just fill a bowl with slips of paper which has various wedding-related terms written on them. Divide the guests into two teams and make their team members guess the word by drawing pictures. The team with the highest points will win the game.

Paper Bride

This game is all about having tons of laughter. In this, the guests have to divide themselves into teams and they have to construct a wedding dress using toilet paper. You as a bride gets the chance to pick the favourite look and that team wins.

Put a Ring on it

For this, you need some candy fruit rings in a bowl and give the players a stick which has to be held only with their mouth. First player to get 10 rings on their stick wins.

Guess it Right

This game is sure to keep guests occupied as you open your gifts. Make your guests guess the gifts. As you unwrap each present, your guests will mark off the correct one and the first person to get a bingo wins!

If you know some of the other fun games, share them with us in the comments below…

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