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Some cool tips for planning an Intimate Wedding during this pandemic

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • January 25, 2021
  • 4 minutes read


Do you all remember that time, when we thought that the lockdown was just for three months? None of us expected it to go like a wave and now it’s been a year COVID still exists in our lives and we are all praying for a vaccine! Indian Weddings are not all the same and wedding planning have also altered altogether!  Though we have discussed how to plan your wedding during COVID times. But, these are some cool tips that will make them even more special, feasible and safe at the same time! So read on…


  • Always hire a professional that is capable of handling any change in the government regulations as well the safety of guests
  • Look for a spacious venue so that social-distancing can easily be maintained. Don’t look for extravagance or cosiness, focus on space… which is the most important factor
  • The most important factor is sanitation, as it would need extra attention. Therefore, sanitisers and all the precautions should be visible at eye level and need to be placed at different junctions. These are really important especially near the food counters as well as the dining area. You need to have extra manpower to take care of that at the entrance too so that they can maintain safety in the premises
  • Go for an outdoor venue as it offers so many options for décor and all the more social distancing could be easily maintained by the guests. You can add installations and extravagant furniture making it look like a beautiful setting for your celebration
  • Special attention to physical distancing needs to be given at all the functions. All the dinner tables need to placed away from each other with only 6 to 7 seats. Also, use a larger diameter for such seating
  • Get personalised name tags for guests which can be placed on glasses to reduce the confusion about which one belongs to whom. This will help you in minimising the chance of people drinking from someone else’s and transferring the virus via contaminated glasses. Plus, it will add a touch of personalisation
  • Keep some packed fresh decorated masks in different colours so that the guests can keep and flaunt them as well as love to wear them during the function
  • Ensure contact policy with the guests at the hotels too. It’s better to keep someone in charge of it as people sometimes to get lenient after a while. Make sure safety protocol is being followed with frequent use of sanitisers, gloves on by the waiters and guards
  • Don’t forget to request for a negative Corona test, not more than three days old, from all the vendors or artists who will be physically close to the guests or the bride and groom such as mehendi artists, MUA, photographers and so on…
  • Go for more personalised invitations, gifts, outfit themes and décor ideas which are easily possible for an intimate wedding! Plus, you can also think of adding can be eco-friendly and sustainable decor ideas too
  • Add a touch of quirkiness to the décor by putting up creative and informative posters to remind your guests about the COVID Guidelines
  • Replace glasses with 100ml bottles of bio-degradable plastic for Mocktails & Cocktails to avoid the spread of the virus


If you have any more ideas that can make your intimate wedding safer or interesting then do tell us in the comments below… We would love to hear them!


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