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Some Interesting Wedding Superstitions And Beliefs That Prevail In India

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 5, 2021
  • 3 minutes read


Indian weddings are really grand with several rituals, pre and post-wedding functions and everything has their own importance. That is why it is been believed by our elders that such auspicious occasion should be protected with every possible measure to ward off the buri nazar (evil eye). As per them, these measures will make sure that the newlyweds have a blissful life together. India, being a diverse land has a number of popular wedding beliefs and superstitions which are passed on from one generation to another.


Here are some of them that people still believe in…



Darker the mehendi, more loved she is


This is one of the most common of all that we heard. It is believed that the darker the colour of the bride’s henna, the stronger her marriage will be. There is also one superstition that you may not hear of… which is… if the bride’s mehendi lasts longer than her groom, then she will be loved a lot by her in-laws.



That Kaleera Fall


In North Indian Weddings brides are supposed to wear chooda as well as kaleeras. After this ceremony, the brides moves her hand over the heads of the unmarried girls or even the boys present at the ceremony. It is believed if a part of kaleeras falls on someone’s head, they are about to get married next.



If it rains on the wedding day!


Usually, all of us don’t prefer rains on the day of wedding celebrations as it gets a little gloomy! It somewhat ruins the venue, décor and all the preparations, but you must be surprised to know that it is considered to be an auspicious omen. Rainfall is a good sign of the fertility of the married couple. Therefore, don’t get sad if it rains on your wedding day!



Spilling of Milk


Spilling of milk while boiling may be a common mishap at homes but things get a little serious when it happens during weddings day! As per the Indian superstition, boiled milk spilling over in the house of the couple will bring misfortune to them.



Sputtering of candles


Candles have become a big part of Indian wedding décor. They are considered to be a perfect choice to light up the décor. But at the same time, it’s considered a bad sign if the candles lit start to sputter out during your wedding. It is believed that an evil spirit is nearby when it happens.



Carrying a knife by Punjabi and Sikh men


You must have seen Punjabi and Sikh men carrying a knife, sword or a kirpan during the wedding. The reason behind it is that the object will protect the couple from evil and/or negative spirits.



If you have also heard of some superstitions other than these, then please do tell us in the comments below…



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