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Some Wedding Trends Predictions for the year 2022

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 21, 2022
  • 3 minutes read


The wedding industry is already booming and the year 2022 looks all about celebrations and big fat Indian Weddings. After a long wait, now we can say that large-scale events, celebrations are back, and we are predicting them to be bigger than ever. Being the pioneers of the wedding industry we can see some of the wedding trends will take over this year. For now, we can say that grand events, bold colours, new-age florals, interactive entertainment, and fun, will take over this year’s weddings. We’re all waiting for such trends, and know you are, too. So here are some of the predicted trends for weddings to get inspired by and bookmark for the new year.



Destination Weddings


As per the industry experts “Destination events are king.” In the last two years travelling was a bit hustle for the non-vaccinated people. Also, thanks to loosened global restrictions, people can now plan their nuptials wherever they want without any hassle. Whatever you are thinking of, be it a wedding in Thailand or Maldives, you can easily plan them now. Couples who were unable to travel out of the country comfortably are thinking of going to an exotic location for their dream wedding. “They want to completely transport themselves as well as their guests to another place and space in time and experience beautiful aesthetics, authentic cuisines, and awe-inspiring entertainment. All they want to do is create a memorable experience that will make their wedding, an unforgettable affair.



Interactive Entertainment


Indian Weddings are all about having a gala time with your friends and family where everyone dances together. Therefore, entertainment has been noted as the central focus of weddings. Now people are inclined towards booking over-the-top musical elements. There is a variety of choices for the people ranging from solo performers to bands that make the crowd grove with their tunes. People will also be inclined towards trying something new such as tarot card readers, special photo booths, beer pong tables and so on to keep their guests entertained during the functions. You will also spot some couples who are now “segmenting” their event’s performances and choosing specific artists for each part of their event. ” Sometimes they start the event’s entertainment with a band or singer’s performance and end with a high-end DJ to make their guests dance all night.



Alternative Florals


2022 bloom scene is being referred to as “monofloral,” which gives a less garden-inspired feel that was a thing in the year 2020 as well as 2021. This year smaller, grouped collections of blooms in similar hues will be the main focus! You would be spotting monochromatic tones of florals in different vessels for texture. This trend might be borne out of necessity because of the flower shortages across the globe but it will be in style and a thing in trend this year. You will spot usage of fewer florals that would be more delicate, bigger solo blooms that are very in line with the Japanese style. With such florals, you will also see unique linens, china, glassware, and flatware than the floral on the table itself. Such details will be an elegant way of hosting your functions in the year 2022!



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