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How to surprise your bride on the wedding day?

  • By admin
  • September 24, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

You and your fiancée must have planned for your D-Day to make it the most memorable day of your life. But, to make it a little more special for the woman of your life, you should choose the right wedding day present for her that should be personal and thoughtful. Think about your relationship and what you want her to know before taking the seven vows. Maybe you have something in your heart that you want to express, or just want to make her smile.

From handwritten notes to luxury goods, these personal wedding day gift ideas will remind your bride how special she is and why you’re getting married.

Write a Handwritten Note
The best way to touch her heart is by expressing yourself in a letter or handwritten card for your new wife on the wedding day. It is one of the more popular forms of gift exchanges between nearly-newlyweds because they are straight from the heart. Write a poem, song, or all the reasons why you fell in love with her. You can even write down a trait you love about her every day before the wedding and give it to her as a wedding day present.

Create a Video Message
From proposals to wedding days, video messages are getting so popular these days. Create a personal video message for your wife-to-be describing your excitement for the wedding and your future together. This will surely bring in some happy tears which will be so overwhelming.

A Choreographed Dance
If you have got some moves and you really know how to flaunt it, then a choreographed dance will surely be the best way to show some love to your bride-to-be. Not only this, also make her join you on the stage to make that moment more extraordinary.

Surprise Her with a Family Heirloom
The best way to surprise is to welcome your new bride into the family by sharing something sentimental from the past generations. It could be jewelry from your great grandmother or a piece of artwork that can be used to decorate your dream home together.

Engraved accessory or something personalized
You can get a watch or some other fine piece of jewelry engraved with a sweet message, her new initials or your wedding date to add a personal touch to it. This gift will be a keepsake for her and the best way for you to commemorate your love for the bride.

So, grooms now you know what options to consider while planning the big surprise for your bride-to-be.
Ladies: go ahead and just send this article to your groom-to-be! Trust us, he needs a little hint.

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