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Things to keep in mind before Postponing Or Cancelling Your Wedding Right Now

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 30, 2020
  • 3 minutes read



We are all in this together and we totally understand that the anxiety is real! Many of you couples must be so excited to tie the knot this wedding season but have to drop the idea because of a lot of uncertainty right now. This Covid-19 situation has affected so many social gatherings especially weddings resulting in cancellations or postponements of the events. Everyone is confused and at the same time, there is no surety of the situation at this point. Above all,  with the lockdowns in order, almost everything is paused. Amidst this Covid-19 situations, if you’re considering postponing or cancelling your wedding there here are some things that you need to keep in mind.

Here are some things that will help you get through these difficult times!



The decision needs to be taken


For making such an important decision, everyone from both sides of the family needs to be on the same page. The first thing to decide is whether to postpone the celebration for a later date or cancel for the time being. If you are thinking of postponing it then you might have to decide on a much later date as we are not sure for how long this pandemic will last.



Everyone needs to be updated


It’s so obvious, that after making the decision between cancelling or postponing, you need to inform everyone. If there is any wedding website then the best way to do it is to update this on it. But, trust us the simplest and the easiest idea is to send a Whatsapp message to everyone. You can send some change the date creative or even send heartfelt message to everyone. The other way to do it to update the change of plans on your Instagram or Facebook.



Communicate with your vendors


After making the decision, you also need to inform all the vendors about your plans. If you have made a decision on a future date, then you need to check about their availability on the same date. If they happen to be free on that date, then things work out great for you, if not ask them about the other solution by way of postponement or cancellation policy. Trust us, everyone in the wedding industry is trying their level best to cope up in these hard times too.



Have a positive attitude


Yes, we all know that this situation sucks! You were all set to tie the knot but now everything has and you feel lost amid this situation. But, now you have got so much time on your hand where you can modify your wedding plans and look for more inspirations to plan the wedding of your dreams! You can also go for a smaller, more intimate wedding later with your near or dear ones later.



And we would strongly suggest you we are all in this together and this too shall pass. So be positive and make the most of this time!



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