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Top 20 Banquets In Moti Nagar

  • By admin
  • November 11, 2019
  • 9 minutes read

Banquets are a perfect choice to celebrate any event with ease. The individuals organizing it can leave the task of professionals, and they perfectly complete the work without any tension. Meanwhile, the organisers can rest. So if you are organising an event in Moti Nagar, here are some of the banquets you can choose from.

Best Banquets of Moti Nagar-

La Stella-

La Stella gives modern and personalised facilities and services that give you an entertaining experience. This property has stunning interiors and a very welcoming ambience. At La Stella, your event will be full of wonderful services and amazing food. It has two luxuriously spacious halls that can have 100-500 guests at a time. Interiors of ornate floors and lovely decor which can transform your event into a vision.

LavanyaOrchid Banquet-

The Lavanya Orchid Banquet is a popular and stylish destination in Delhi. It has contemporary interiors with spacious and comfortable rooms. The trained staff take care of the event and makes it hassle-free for the organizers. The banquet is mostly famous for its amazing food and catering services. It has a space containing 125-500 people at an event.

City Banquet-

City Banquet is an ideal hall for weddings and many other varieties of such occasions. The spacious hall provides a large ballroom with beautiful decorations. The professionals are all highly qualified, and they will make everything go smoothly. The banquet is well air-conditioned with luxurious interiors, professional staff service. And it can contain 350 people for an event. Also, they provide a delicious variety of food.

24 Carat Platinum Banquet-

The 24 Carat Platinum Banquet provides all the modern facilities and amenities. The banquet has a team of professionals who will provide you with great hospitality solutions within a reasonable budget. It can have around 600 people for an occasion. Also, it is the only hall with a duplex sitting facility. You can find all your necessities in this banquet that can make your event a gala affair, which you can remember for a lifetime. Their professionals take all the responsibilities while letting the organizers enjoy the occasion and ceremonies.

The Grand Horizon Banquet-

For any occasion or event, you must have an elegant location to organize everything with ease. The Grand Horizon Banquet is one of such locations that will suit you best for any occasion. It’s highly trained staff take care of all your needs and necessities along with the arrangements. They even provide you with many packages which will give you may opt to choose from before deciding on any one package. Also, if you have a long list of guests, then this is the appropriate banquet for you as it has the capacity of containing around 1200 people for an event. The Grand Horizon is also pretty famous for its variety in providing different cuisines. Starting from lip-smacking foods to healthy treats, they have an option for everything.

Sawan Banquet-

SawanBanquet has an expansive hall which is suitable for all kinds of events with all well-maintained facilities. Features like elegant floors, great lighting, and modern furniture. The venue has unique and colourful decor. The banquet hall also has a large parking space where 255 vehicles can be easily accommodated. The banquet offers sumptuous delicious and diverse cuisines. Also, the hall can accommodate 600 people for an event.

Pearl Banquet-

The pearl banquet can accommodate an event of 400 people. The hall has all high tech modern facilities which can make your banqueting experience worth remembering. They provide you with DJ services, staff services, and also with services of inter-house catering.

CP 65 Banquet-

The CP 65 Banquet is great for all types of ceremonies or events. The banquet can be adjusted into any kind of theme. And also can be transformed for any kind of event. It can also accommodate mane invitees. It has great space. The perfect destination to execute your plans. This banquet has three spacious and air-conditioned halls, and each hall can accommodate up to 500 people in it. They have all professionals and experienced staff working for them. They try their best to provide your guests with a maximum amount of care.

Shubh Villas Banquet-

Shubh Villas Banquet is a beautifully made hall for all possible kinds of events, like Mehendi, sangeet, or a reception party. The hall is air-conditioned and can accommodate 800 people at a time. You can organise anything there, whether it is a large-scale event or any small gathering. Also, it has a parking space which is huge and can contain around 600 vehicles. The Shubh Villas Banquet falls under the best venues present in North Delhi.

Tiffany Banquet- The Grand Fiesta-

The Tiffany Banquet- The Grand Fiesta has the capacity of accommodating around 450 guests. You can freely decorate the banquet hall according to your taste and theme of the event. This banquet has the facility to let you stay relaxed in your rooms. The hall has many facilities and is very spacious for a gathering of many people.

Chanson Banquets-

Chanson Banquethas central air conditioner and fully equipped. The hall can accommodate around 120 people at a time. It also has a spacious area for parking where your guests can comfortably park their vehicles. The Chanson Banquet fulfils all the requirements. Along with that, they provide good food.

Coral Bells-

The coral bells banquet is located in Delhi. You can come with your friends and family and organize any event you want. They have very friendly staff. This is the perfect place for any occasion or event.

The GranDreams- Shivaji Marg-

The GranDreams is in Shivaji Marg, Delhi. The hall has high-quality products that complement the traditional values of a person. The hall was earlier known as The Grand Plaza. They offer many services and facilities like multi-cuisine facility, valet parking, service staff etc.

Radha Palace-

The Radha Palace provides you with great quality service staff so that you can stay hassle-free and enjoy the event. They serve both non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines. Also, it offers both indoors and outdoors services to execute your event.

The Golden Crown-

The Golden Crown banquet hall is spacious and beautiful. It can accommodate 300-500 people at a time. It also has a parking lot where around 150 vehicles can be safely and comfortably parked. Also, the banquet offers you with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.


The Kainoosh Banquet hall has a very strong aesthetic feel to it. The hall is beautifully decorated. They serve the best non-vegetarian and vegetarian cuisines. In the banquet hall, a large wedding ceremony can be organized.

City Banquet-

The city banquet is situated in Rama Nagar, Delhi. It is the perfect banquet for organizing marriage events. The hall is quite spacious, and many social events can also be held in this hall. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are served. The hall has elegant and classic interiors with beautiful décor. Because of the warm and pretty décor, even the guests feel good and welcomes.

The Ritz Banquet

Located on the Najafgarh Road and easily accessible to all your guests. Splendid social events like grand weddings and related festivities take place here. It is specially hired for this purpose. All your individual needs will be met with excellent services by their highly qualified professionals. The facilities and services here are just enough to make any wedding or pre-wedding ceremony an event worth remembering a lifetime. It is a grand party hall divided into four different party spaces. With an accommodation capacity of 100 to 800 people, equipped to host any nuptial ceremony, with a variety of colourful and unique settings, furniture, basic lighting, and even backup for your convenience. The Ritz Banquet will offer solutions regarding technical equipment, decor, balloon arrangements, table and seating arrangements, lighting, and sound, catering, drinks, and beverages.  The venue even has an in -house team of chefs, but there is the option of choosing external catering according to your convenience. The lip-smacking cuisines will leave you licking your fingers.


It is a venue located outside of West Delhi and usually hosts wedding ceremonies. The finalized venue goes through major and minor screen tests. You check the aesthetical appeal, pleasing exterior, and also the capacity of the venue to provide comfort to your friends and family who come to grace your special occasion. Chandelier by Sandoz comes to you with the full package so that you don’t have to go through irrelevant options. It is situated in the city and thus is easily accessible to your friends and family members. Their banquet hall is exquisitely built and infused with a modern architecture with the perfect setup for hosting ceremonies like sangeet, mehndi, cocktail, engagement, and so on. The venue can even be decorated in the choice of your props. The decor vendors turn the wedding into your dream destination. There are various commendable services to back the facilities and ensure smooth carry out of the events. The available facilities are furniture, valet parking, bridal room, basic lighting, electricity, and backup.


The one spot destination to celebrate your wedding majestically is here. It’s the Magestic Crown. It is fully air-conditioned and at the same time, the outer setting is perfect for a picturesque background. It can host around 600 people and offer them the best hospitality. This banquet also offers you with a special person who would decorate the banquet according to the required situation. The power backup and furniture set-up add to another level of beauty.

These were the 20 banquets you can easily find in Motinagar for any kind of grand occasions like weddings and related ceremonies. They are located in places that can be easily accessible and which are aesthetically picturesque, which is an add on to the whole ceremony.

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