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Why ‘Shedding for the Wedding’ is being regarded as destructive?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • June 15, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

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Getting that perfect figure before the wedding has become a fad all over the world. The idea of getting that “perfect body” has taken over our minds like anything. The term “shedding for the wedding” usually tops the whole wedding planning process by fnpgardens but you should know that the concept of losing weight before your nuptials is actually harmful, according to experts and we agree with it!


Some brides indulge themselves in reducing weight and forget about being healthy and it’s not with the brides, it’s the common mistake made by many women. If we talk about the phrase ‘shedding for the wedding’ it basically reinforces the idea that you must be thin to earn love and appreciation for yourself. It’s like trying hard to be good enough and to be valued on your wedding day. We should not support this mentality as it reinforces the idea that we’re not good enough as we are.


Above all, such practices lead to patterns of restrictive eating, purging behaviours, excessive exercise regimes and obsessive food tracking that all of which can lead to disordered eating affecting your mental health which is not all good.


These things have intensified more during the lockdown period as people have more time in their hands but we would advise you to not deteriorate your health with such practices.



Here are some tips that will help you avoid this mentality…



Have A Look At The Bigger Picture


When your wedding day approaches, the main focus should never be on the smaller details of your day-to-day life like your weight or how you look. If we talk about weight loss, it shouldn’t be on your priority list as to how much you lose it, you would never be enough and this would never be enough that will further put you in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Your wedding should be all about excitement, not about feeling inadequate.

You should rather focus on your overall health, building immunity and gaining peace of mind. Also, shift your attention to how you’re feeling instead of running after counting calories. Just try to achieve a balance between feeling confident and not on crazy exercises.

Try to look for things that bring you peace of mind. Talk to your partner about your life and goals when things will be normal. We would advise you to try to be healthy for the future and not just look thin on your wedding day!



Try To Minimise The Effect Of Social Media On You


Social Media has emerged as one of the important parts of our routine and it has advantages as well as disadvantages at the same time. It also affects our mental peace as people are all about weight loss during this time. You should stay away from it if something makes you feel worse about yourself. Try to set boundaries so that you can feel positive about yourself. You may see other people weighing on the fact of looking good by working rigorously on their weight, we want you to do what makes you feel good as it’s your body and your wedding after all.



Don’t Go Overboard Or Bring Drastic Changes


These shedding for wedding regimes are really dramatic as they promise results in minimal time. Such regimes promote crash dieting and over-exercising that have proven to be harmful to your physical and mental health. You have to be rigid with yourself if you follow them that further affects your work and relationships.

Any kind of drastic change in your routines such as calorie or intake will also lead to muscle loss. Also, the results you may see from crash diets typically fade away once you stop following them. We would advise you to not go for a fad diet or exercise for hours on end, instead, go for a healthier approach that will give you healthier results. Make realistic as well as sustainable choices.



Get Some Support


The pressure of getting thinner may take a toll on you, therefore we would advise you to seek support for it. Communicate the same to your partner too as it will help you build a strong relationship between you two. If you talk about your concerns then you will have the opportunity to connect and put in efforts to bring out the solution. If you work together, you would also get the assurance from your partner that they are marrying you for what you are not because of your looks. If the pressure gets too much to manage then we would recommend you take some professional help as they will help you to manage what you are going through.



Setting Healthy, Attainable Goals Is The Key


It’s always good to have a healthy lifestyle and have the motivation to maintain it. But again we want to mention that you have to avoid confusing it with weight loss. The key to staying healthy is setting realistic goals for what you want to accomplish and don’t make it just about weight loss. Health should always be your main focus. Also, healthy food intake should be your priority!



Never go overboard with exercises


Moving your body is really important as it improves your physical and mental health and not only that, it also helps in getting quality sleep and longevity. But you should not go for over-exercising as it may get harmful for your body leading to increased risk for injury, and harmful for your mental health. Go for gradual exercises such as walking, running, elliptical, biking/cycling or anything else. Don’t go overboard with anything.



Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself


COVID has hit our lives badly! We had to face so many unexpected challenges, and whilst that maintain a routine got difficult. You should not be harsh on yourself and criticize for treating yourself with pizza or for missing a workout, forgive yourself. Just be a little lenient on yourself.




Always Remember: You’re Beautiful Just as You Are! So love yourself and try to opt for a healthy lifestyle instead of running after a temporary solution!


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