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#BridalGuides: Things to know about Laser Hair Removal

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 11, 2021
  • 3 minutes read


Getting laser hair removal is of the most important tasks for most of the brides-to-be. If you are also considering it instead of waxing before your wedding then we feel you should have an ample amount of knowledge for this process. The treatment of laser hair removal is certainly proven to be effective in the long run only if you give it a full priority. The process of laser hair removal involves exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. We know, this permanent solution sounds really tempting and almost every girl is attracted to it as it frees you from the pain of waxing, threading and shaving. So here’s a little knowledge from our side…



How does laser hair removal work?


In this procedure, a laser device is used that sends out pulsed light. The device is then used over the skin to seek out the dark colour of hair and impairs the hair follicle. After the procedure, the hair begins to fall in the span of the next 10-14 days after treatment. You need to shave the night before or in the morning or a few hours before the treatment.


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What are its benefits?


  • It is a non-painful process and you will be able to get rid of unsightly ingrown hairs, unlike waxing, threading and epilating
  • This process is proven to be very fast as well as an effective process
  • The laser procedure is cost-effective as you won’t have to spend money on monthly wax treatments, creams, razors or any other methods of hair removal



What are the cons of this procedure?


  • It has a temporary discomfort which can also include redness and swelling which can be caused after the procedure
  • It might cause darkening or lightening of the affected skin. People who don’t avoid sun exposure before or after treatment may suffer from the lightening of the skin



Things to keep in mind before going for the treatment


  • Avoid going out in the Sun
  • Don’t go for Shaving Or Waxing
  • Don’t apply Sunscreen before the treatment
  • Stay away from Blood Thinning Medications



What happens after the process?


Don’t get scared if you experience redness and swelling in the treatment area as it is quite normal in this process and it may persist for several days. The treated area can also feel like a razor burn or sunburn for a few hours after treatment. Hair in the treated area will shed slowly and which may take two weeks. Also, patchiness of hair growth is also normal after this process.



Is The Procedure Very Painful?                


We know, you must be curious about this part. So, the pain depends on the part of the body that is going through the removal. If the area is sensitive then it will be more painful! Therefore, to minimize the pain, your service provider will apply a numbing cream onto your skin prior to the procedure.



We hope we are able to answer all your queries regarding this process… But we strongly advise you to visit a dermatologist before you opt for this procedure!

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