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Décor hacks that can make your wedding venue look all perfect

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 10, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

You must have heard of the famous Hindi phrase “सबको सब कुछ नहीं मिलता” and this somewhat also happens when you are looking for your wedding venue. Sometimes you like the location, but not the décor or vice versa. It is always suggested to go for a venue that suits your budget as well as the location as you can get the décor a little modified as per your choice. If you can’t then there are certain hacks that will help you to get the venue of your dreams. There are some cases where you don’t like the wallpaper, or the lighting or the carpet is unbearable. The venue is a perfect size and you don’t want to hunt any more for the venues so use these clever hacks to face the most common décor challenges.

If the furniture is outdated or not matching to your theme

This one can be easily fixed! All you need to do is rent the kind od furniture you want as per your theme. You can get the ones that complement the style as well as the colours of your wedding theme. In the cases of budget constraints, just get a couple of pieces that will have maximum effect, such as the couple stage furniture. 

The carpet is totally unbearable

If you are ok with spending a few bucks then you can roll in the new carpet that will completely cover the rug. Otherwise, try to keep your guests looking towards the ceiling by hanging some breathtaking chandelier or lights or a giant floral installation. 

You want an intimate feeling at your large or wide venue space

In most of the cases, people love wide spaces but if you’re inclined towards a cozy atmosphere, then the larger spaces with high ceilings can be a little challenging. You can hang some longer centrepieces low just over the table. This will help to the guests’ gaze down and more than that it will help to create a more romantic feel. Also, you can opt for more furniture, installations and fabric draping that will help you to define spaces throughout the venue. 

Wallpapers are a bit tacky

You can’t redecorate exactly, so you have to shift the focus. You can go to the new technology which would be the moving wallpaper. You can use projectors and add some moving images to the walls that will shift the focus and make your venue look all glamorous. This would be a little expensive, so instead, you can go for lighting that will help to mask the design. 

If your venue doesn’t take down their patterned drapes

Sometimes venues have some patterned drapes that got with your theme then you can get yards of simple coloured fabric and attach them over the offending drapes. It’s a very smart hack as there will be no sewing required and above that, it will really transform the venue. 

We hope these hacks will come handy to you while decking up your venue as per your choice! 

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