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How to Create a Perfect Wedding/Save the Date E-Invite for WhatsApp and Email?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 14, 2022
  • 8 minutes read


We have to admit that things have changed drastically if we talk about weddings and the new generation has a millennial way of doing everything. Now there’s a modern touch to everything blended with the traditional elements. Time has changed as now we have entered the digital age that has also impacted the type of wedding invites being sent. Earlier people used to get physical invites designed that were sent out to the guests but now people are inclined towards getting wedding e-invites designed in the form of beautiful creatives or videos that can be easily sent via an email or WhatsApp.


Printed cards on paper are just being created to be sent to certain family members. There are certain businesses as well that have come up with apps dedicated to designing a perfect invite for your guests. Nowadays, people are more dependent on WhatsApp as one of their primary modes of communication which are also being popularly used for wedding e invite  messages as well. Therefore, here’s a little help from our side that will help you create a perfect wedding/save the date e-invite for WhatsApp and email…


WhatsApp has always been a bridge that has helped us communicate things with our family and friends with ease. Plus, the onset of the pandemic in the year 2020 has made us all go for opting for this texting app where everyone was sending WhatsApp invites to their friends and family to dress up and participate in the virtual wedding ceremonies streaming through Zoom. The creatives designed for WhatsApp can also be sent via email, so you only need to get one particular picture designed and send through various media.


How to make an e-invitation card for the wedding?

It may sound easy and convenient to create an e-invite but you have to follow certain etiquette or invitation rules before creating one. You should be able to frame a perfect invite with all the necessary details and that too without compromising its beauty. Here is a proper guide from us that will help you through to make a perfect invite that you can send to all your near and dear ones! Though you can get it designed through a professional designer or if you want to do it yourself then you can use the invite templates online for free on various websites and apps like Canva, Evite, PSPrint, PicsArt, Photoscape and so on.



What type of content should go on an e-invite?


As we have mentioned above you have to follow certain rules for your e-invite. Your invite should have a message that is something personal, warm and straight from your heart. Your wedding is one of the most important occasions of your life, therefore you can’t be casual. An effort should be made to make it fun. You can add personal quotes or something that is related to your love story or anything that sounds personalised to you and your partner.

Then comes the whole plan of the event. Indian Weddings are usually a week-long affair with multiple functions and ceremonies. You may have to make different invites for a different guest list as well. On your invites, you need to mention the correct time, date and venue for the wedding invitation before sending them through! You can even send a message with Google Map links of the venue for ease of access of the guests.


Here is an example of a WhatsApp wedding invitation message template that you can take reference from…


“Mr. Rohan & Mrs. Sunita Kohli

Are pleased to invite you to the wedding of their daughter




Son of Mr Jitendra & Mrs Radhika Singh

Which will be held on:

Saturday, 8th March 2022

05:00 pm – 09:00 pm

At The Ritz, Gurugram

Your presence will be much appreciated



The above template for WhatsApp wedding invite is basically a script for a more formal invitation which is sent on the behalf of the couple’ parents which is a conventional way. Though as now times have changed you can make it super fun and quirky by adding a personal touch like:


“Finally putting a ring on it! 💍

After going to multiple restaurants and numerous coffee dates, we have decided to tie the knot!

It’s finally happening on the 8th of March 2022 at The Ritz, Delhi.

Time: 07:00 pm.

Your presence is much-awaited”



What kind of invite you should go for? A video or an image?


After deciding about the text that will go on the invite, another big question pops up… whether to go for an image invite or a video invite. We would recommend that you should save your pre-wedding video shoot content for only social media and go for an invite in the form of an image instead! But if you are really keen on a video invite then you should use some caricatures or clip arts to make it attractive. You would be able to add the address and date on the image and it is easier for your friends and family to understand the venue and other details with the help of animation in a video invite. Though an image invite would be a safer bet as all the information would be easily read without pausing the video again and again.



Should you go for an illustration or an image for the invite?


Your wedding invite is basically designed as per the concept of sending a save the date! But as we are evolving day by day you can experiment with it. You can take the services of a graphic designer and ask them to create an illustrated invite for your wedding!

Such invites can be personalized as per your choice, if you are a fan of a particular movie, series or even a game like PUBG then you can play a little with getting yourself illustrated as those characters to add fun to it. Plus, you can even add some quirk related to the same theme in your WhatsApp wedding invitation message. This would be a creative way to convey your message in the shortest possible and crystal-clear manner. Trust us, in this way all the details will become easy to skim through and even simple to remember with an illustration on your invite.



Whom to send & not to send the invite to?


You should send your invite with love and it should show that you really want the presence of the person you are sending it to. Therefore, we would advise you to send out the invite personally to people you want to invite and not in a WhatsApp group. Though your friends won’t mind this the elders may not like this idea. Thus, it is best that you also give a call to the elders of the family or a few of your parent’s friends circle after sending a WhatsApp invite, as they might not be so tech-savvy and may rely on a proper invite.



How about going even bigger and having an Entire Wedding Website?


If you are too impressed by the advantages of the digital era then you can do more than just e-invites. You can even get a proper wedding website for your wedding. Such websites are in trend for some time. They are really helpful for coordinating all the happenings of a wedding with everyone involved be it the guests, hosts, vendors as well as the planners. You can even share the website’s address, login id as well as passwords via WhatsApp. Essentially, your wedding website will be one place where all your information about your wedding would be present! It will have all the functions’ information, listed venues, directions to reach them, timings for each function, and every other detail you would want to give to your guests! You would also be able to send invites too using such websites.



We hope this will help you get the perfect wedding/save the date e-invite for WhatsApp and email.



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