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How to have a perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 13, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Every soon-to-be married couple wants to have the most stunning pre-wedding shoot. They want their couple shots to be taken at the most exotic locations with the most stunning backgrounds. Some people want it to be candid, some want it to quirky or even some couple go for something really unconventional. People are even going for underwater shots as well! They are going to all extents to make their pre-wedding shoot stand out!

The new age couples are ditching those predictable themes for their pre-wed shoots. They are very much open to all those unique ideas to get a stunning pre-wedding shoot. But getting those beautiful shots is dependent on both you and your photographer. 

So, here are some useful tips to have the best pre-wedding photoshoot:

Stay subtle and simple

Just an exotic location and fancy attires are not enough to get the best shots. You can even some of the best captures at a coffee house, roadside or even at your home. So, you don’t even go all out to have some stunning pictures. Your photographer can even do wonders to such simple backgrounds.

Candid shots are the best

Trust us… candids are the best! Pre-wedding pictures look more real when they are candid. Plus, they look more expressive and natural as compared to the posed ones! You can ask your photographer to click more of your candid moments to make your pre-wedding shoot look all-natural.

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Go Quirky

Quirk is in… You can be a bit quirky and adding a little bit of a crazy streak can make your pre-wedding pictures look all the more fun.  Just add some fun elements into the pre-wedding shoot for some amazing pictures. 

Add some props

Props some interesting element to your pre-wedding shoot! Just pick a nice theme for your shoot and add the props accordingly as they should not look out of place or forced in the shots.

Good chemistry is the key!

Nothing can make your pre-wedding shoot stunning that your chemistry with your partner! Your love and intimacy will help you get the most spectacular shots. Just be comfortable showing off your love! 

We hope these tips will help you get the most memorable pre-wedding shoot!  

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