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How to make your Baraat epic in every way?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 16, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

In Indian weddings, baraats have always been noted as the most fun part. We know, not all cultures have baraats in their wedding rituals, but most of them have it and people love to be a part of the groom’s convoy. Nowadays, even some brides want are having their own baraat to make a grand bridal entry. Baraat is one of the most special things in its own way but you may want to make this dance party more epic than it already is. Here are some quick and simple ways to do that!


Drop the idea of coming on a horse

We totally understand a baraat has to have a horse, but don’t you think it’s a bit cruel? To make it more enjoyable and comfortable, opt for a vintage car that will help you make a grand entry. If you want to make more impact, then go for a bat mobile or even a grand bike-themed baraat!


Set a playlist

There will be a dhol wala and a band for your baraat, but we suggest you have a crazy playlist too. This will help you to have your favourite tracks to dance on to. This will surely add fun to your baraat.



Co-ordinate your outfits

To make your baraat look more happening, you can make your groomsmen coordinate in similar colour outfits or matching safas to make a great style statement as well.

Don’t forget to have your permissions in place

If your baraat in on the street, you need to have a licence to blast your loudspeakers or even dance on a busy street. Nothing dampens the mood of a baraat like police shutting it down!



Keep the baraatis hydrated!

Your baraat will be filled with so much dancing, so, ensure that there is water or juices so that you don’t have any cousins or friends facing dehydration. This will keep them filled with energy, which will surely make your baraat full of excitement.


Go Luxe

For the lover of luxury, you can go a step further by having mist fans, wet wipes and dry snacks set up on your pathway, especially if you are inside a hotel/resort property. You can even have a beer-cart or a coconut water stall for your baraati friends. Your guests will surely never forget how fun your baraat was!


If you have more suggestions on how to add fun to a baraat… do share with us in the comments below!

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