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How to handle bridal shopping blues like a pro?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 30, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Being a bride is not at all an easy task! You have to go through millions of tasks to curate your dream wedding. Amongst all the biggest and the most difficult task is BRIDAL SHOPPING! Trust us, bridal shopping blues is not just a girly problem, it has the full potential to make you feel really disheartened. The stress can be compared to those little things that just make your heart sink. Therefore, on a very similar tangent, Bridal Shopping Blues is the subject we want to broach today. We know you must be clueless about how to combat it, so here we are with some strategies for you.

Here is the foolproof guide that will help you to deal with Wedding Shopping Blues…


Try going solo

There’s a saying- ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’! This can happen on your shopping trips as well. We know, bridal shopping would be difficult for you, but try making your own choices while buying stuff for yourself. Everyone’s opinion regarding a perfect thing for you will be completely individualistic and not to mention ‘subjective’. So take our advice and go solo or you can go with a friend who’s style quotient matches yours!


Don’t leave your Comfort

Always wear the most comfortable clothes as well as shoes while going on shopping trips. No matter how much you adore heels or survive in uncomfortable clothes. Your discomfort can distort your judgment because of your snappy mood!


Rejuvenate yourself

We know wedding season would be a hard time to survive! In all that madness we would suggest you ditch the caffeine and nicotine as it really amps up the anxiety. You should definitely turn towards yoga, as it will help you to calm your wracking nerves. Also, keep yourself super hydrated and increase the intake of your nutritious food.


Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your bride squad

No one can help you forget the stress better than your friends and family. Spending some quality time with them will totally be a great stress buster. So, choose a weekend and spend a chilled out day with them as people close to you will be in charge of keeping you grounded in all that madness.


Last and the most important one!

After finding the lehenga of your dreams we would advise you to alter the lehenga to fit you and not alter yourself to fit the lehenga. Therefore, choose the right size and a realistic weight goal you want to achieve and follow a healthy diet, eat clean and make it a lifestyle!


We totally understand, we won’t be able to diminish all that shopping stress but this guide will help you to make it somewhat easy-breezy and delightful than you expected!

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