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How to be your sister’s saviour on her wedding day?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 24, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

We can totally understand your excitement about your sister’s wedding. You must have dreamt of wearing the best outfit and dancing onto the best tunes. But, trust us, being the sister of the bride is not at all an easy task as it can be overwhelming because you would be having a list of things to do for her! The task list can be so long that you may not be able to take out time for yourself. You may be on your toes to make her sail through all the madness even on the wedding day! Therefore you need to be really prepared in the best possible manner, after all, it’s your SISTER’S WEDDING!!

Now, you might be wondering how can you be her saviour on the wedding day… You can totally nail your role just by keeping a few essentials that can help your sister to get through the wedding day smoothly. So here we are with an essential list of items that you’ll need to carry in with yourself! Make sure you bookmark this one.


Tissues & Face Wipes

Tissues, as well as face wipes, should be the top priority of your emergency kit. They are a must-have that can solve many problems such as dabbing the excess oil, to wiping off those tears and sweat, so you ought to have them with you.



Being the bride is not at all an easy task. Even after that professional makeup, your sister may need lipstick to touch up amidst the hogging and drinking at the wedding!


Any quick snack

Yeah we know, that the weddings are all about food, but believe us, you won’t be able to run towards the stalls. So, we advise you to slide into an energy bar for your sister as well as yourself!


Fashion tape, Safety & Hair Pins

You may not be aware of the magical powers of double-sided tape (DST), especially at weddings! It’s a saviour to keep the maang tikka intact or even save you from falling sleeves. Plus, we don’t really need to remind you about keeping safety or hairpins? They are very much required to keep your dupatta as well as hair intact after a crazy dance session. We have also listed some must-haves in an Indian Bridal Emergency Kit… Do check that out!


Pain Relievers

No doubt, a headache is bound to happen after all that wedding madness, so make sure that you’re covered!


A Smaller Pair Of Earrings

There are fair chances that those heavy earrings could lead to intense pain and discomfort during the function! So keep an alternate pair that is lightweight to give a little relief to the bride’s ears.


Pair of Flats

Heels can be painful and with all that heavy lehenga as well as jewellery they can get annoying. So do carry an extra pair of flats that will surely help to roam around comfortably.


That’s all for now! And you thought being a bridesmaid or sister of the bride was easy! It’s equally strenuous as being a bride. So take all the help you want from this checklist for a relatively smoother ride, for y’all! Also, share this post with your #girlsquad

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