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Some skin-care tips that you can adopt 2 Weeks Before your Wedding!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • January 18, 2021
  • 4 minutes read


Every bride dreams of looking flawless on their wedding functions. This whole process takes months and months to achieve that stunning look. But the most important time before the weddings is 2 weeks before your D-Day which can surely add that desired glow on your skin! Though we have said that you should start working on your skin at least 6-8 months prior but all whatever you do in these 15 days before your wedding will largely determine how your skin will look on your wedding functions. There are so many simple things that can be done giving you the skin of your dreams! Here’s what you can do… Read on!



Indulge like never before


Two weeks prior to your wedding, is the best time to indulge in your skin-care like never before! Get the most luxurious creams and go a little crazy with your night masks. If your skin is super dry so try your best to give all the moisture it needs. Above all, try to have a balanced diet and good sleeping hours to see the positive results. Just stay away from the crash diet as it sucks out all the health from your skin. Stick to ‘ghar ka khanna’ with lots of ghee, fruits and dry fruits for the 2 weeks before the celebration kicks off!



Hydration and moisturising is a must


There are chances that your skin got dehydrated from roaming around shopping or a fun bachelorette! Therefore, it may need a little extra care if you are just two weeks away from your wedding day! So, all you need to do is get a facial massage with your most trusted moisturiser every night. You can totally rely upon the moisturiser that can give you soft and supple skin. Just make sure it has Jojoba oil and Vitamin E in it. A 15-minute massage for the three to two weeks will surely change your skin. This will take care of the dehydration and dead skin giving you healthy skin on my wedding day.



Go the DIY way!


DIY masks can do wonders for your skin! They are au natural and give really good results. You can start with your DIY skincare regime two weeks before the wedding. You can opt for trusted homemade methods such as cleansing with ghee and washing it off with a paste of besan, honey and milk. Also, you can go for almond oil all over your body and face which will give you the much-needed glow before sleeping.


Stick to your regular skincare routine


All the skin experts have strictly advised to not to use any new products and stick to your regular skincare routine. If you have been using some moisturiser or a face wash or a lip balm since so long then please stick to it! Keep using them as your regular skincare with an occasional mask or face packs to get the best results!



Get your cleansing and facials done


We strongly advise you to get deep cleaning done two weeks prior to your wedding followed by an oxygen-infused treatment. Just pamper your skin with facials and treatments. Again we are saying… eat right and drink lots of water even if you got the most expensive treatments!



Just follow then and you are good to go!



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