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Some Wedding Day Blunders and how to handle them?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 31, 2023
  • 3 minutes read

It takes months, sometimes more than a year to plan the wedding of your dreams. Wedding planning is an overwhelming process which is sometimes a roller-coaster ride for some couples. You pour your heart and soul to make everything about your wedding memorable. Even your families and friends anticipated your wedding to be a seamless affair. But as it has always been said that reality is different from your dreams, things can go out of your hands sometimes even if you plan something meticulously. There’s always a chance for a few hiccups along the way. Trust us, even the most well-planned affairs may have to experience some blunders or disasters which are at the same time common too…


What if, it rains on your wedding day?


We plan everything in detail for the big day but sometimes we can’t have control over everything. Above all, we can’t control the unforeseen weather. You must have heard about the setup being ruined because of rain. Don’t worry, here’s what you can do… If you have chosen an outdoor venue and it starts raining on the day of the event, check with the venue or even the decorator immediately if they have any backups such as tents that can be put up. Most vendors have them and they will provide you with all the necessities but at an additional cost. There are certain venues too that have an alternate indoor provision too. You can move the party inside. If none of these ideas can help you then try pushing the wedding timeline a little as sometimes waiting out a couple of hours may help. In the end, if nothing works, then have a holi wedding party!

Pro Tip: Always plan for a backup! Indian weather is usually all over the place therefore it is always a good idea to be prepared!


Your outfit’s zipper ditches you last moment


The wedding day itself is overwhelming as you have got so much on your plate. A panic state can pop up if you have a stuck zipper or even a broken one. If it gets stuck, tell someone to rub a candle or wax on the zipper as it will help you loosen it. If it gets broken, wear the blouse or dress and ask someone to sew it shut for you. Call someone who knows how to do it so that it looks neat. You can even ask your drape artist to drape your dupatta accordingly so that the stitching isn’t prominent.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to carry a sewing kit as part of your bridal emergency kit. It should have threads that match your outfit colours.



Last-minute Cancellation by a vendor


We know, this can be scary, almost a nightmare for any couple! It can be your makeup artist or DJ who can give you a rain check! To handle this chaos you should always check with your friends and family if you can borrow their hired makeup artist in this emergency. You can even ask your other wedding vendors for help to suggest someone they know. Vendors such as photographers, planners, and decorators – all have the clout of other wedding vendors who they can check within such a time.

Pro Tip: Never hire any vendor without a contract as it offers security in knowing they won’t back out before the wedding date or you will get your money back. Always ask them about the backup plan in the event of illness or some other unforeseen circumstance.

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