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Ultimate Wedding Planning Check-list for Grooms

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • March 28, 2023
  • 4 minutes read


When it comes to wedding planning, we mostly see brides with immaculate checklists to make their D-day Perfect, but now times have changed. Let us burst your bubble… though brides give more attention and keep a check on a long list of tasks, at the same time


grooms-to-be also have a whole list of responsibilities that they need to focus on. It begins with planning the proposal which is certainly the hardest and scariest for the dear grooms, then the wedding planning follows which is equally a task. However, if you keep a checklist ready, it will be easy for you to sail through smoothly without a fret!


So here is a checklist with a wedding planning timeline for our grooms-to-be to help you be at the top of your game…


The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow before 12 months of your big day…


  • Announcing the news to your family and friends
  • Having a discussion about the budget
  • Starting with the research of potential venues as well as locations for all the functions
  • Research for wedding vendors
  • Making a tentative guest list
  • Discussion of honeymoon destinations and budget with your fiancé


The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow before 9 months of your big day…


  • Finalizing the wedding planner
  • Comparison of prices on the shortlisted venues and locations
  • Researching as well as booking the photographers & videographers with fiancée
  • Finalizing your guest list



The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow before 6 months of your big day…


  • Finalising and booking the wedding venue as well as venues for other functions
  • Hunting for weddings as well other functions’ outfits
  • Planning the pre-wedding shoot if you want to get it done
  • Making bookings for your honeymoon including flights, accommodation, romantic surprises etc.
  • Arrangement of wedding transportation as well as tickets
  • Checking the marriage certificate requirements
  • Finalizing your groom squad


The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow 3 months before your big day…


  • Finalization of wedding invites and sending them for printing
  • Meeting the caterer and finalizing the menu for your wedding and other functions
  • Start busying your wedding outfits and accessories
  • Sending out your ‘Save The Dates’
  • Discuss travel plans with relatives as well as friends from out of town
  • Planning your bachelor party/trip with your squad



The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow 2 months before your big day…


  • Go for your wedding outfit fittings and check for any alterations
  • Purchase the wedding gift for the bride
  • Thinking of some wedding favours for groomsmen now is the time to buy them
  • Selection of engagement or wedding rings
  • Arranging accommodations for guests coming from out of town

The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow before 6 to 8 weeks of your big day…


  • Sending out your wedding invitations
  • Applying for your marriage certificate or court marriage
  • Getting started with your sangeet practice
  • Begin skincare and grooming routine as you have to look your best at your wedding functions
  • Double-checking your honeymoon reservations
  • Going through all the wedding day logistics as well as all the arrangements with the wedding planner
  • It is also the right time to go for your bachelor trip/party



The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow 2 weeks before your big day…


  • It’s time to up your wedding outfits after a final fitting
  • Book your grooming session which can include facial, clean up, beard trim, haircut, s and so on
  • Take out your fiancé on a romantic date before the wedding madness begins!
  • Get in touch and delegate a trusted family member or a close friend that will help in taking care of all the vendor payments that need to be paid immediately on the D-day
  • Confirming the transportation arrangements for guests and family



The timeline for grooms-to-be to follow 1 week before your big day…


  • Getting an update on the marriage certificate date
  • Packing your bag for the wedding day
  • Pack for your honeymoon if you are going just after the wedding
  • Paying for any service or even any vendor that needs to be paid before the day
  • Assigning other functions and wedding day tasks to your friends and family so that you can enjoy them without any hassle
  • Withdrawing some handy cash for petty expenses, especially for the bridesmaids who will be demanding it…



We hope this helps you to have a memorable wedding…





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