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How to handle wedding planning anxiety?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 8, 2021
  • 4 minutes read


Wedding planning is not an easy task as it has a long list of things to do that can get overwhelming for the couples leading to anxiety. All those calls of handling the caterer and scheduling meetings for outfit trials, cake tasting and making decisions regarding floral designs, can make you question yourself questions such as: What if the flowers you chose won’t look good? What if the food menu didn’t match your theme? There are chances that your mind starts wandering in negative territory and your breath quickens, you might feel too overwhelmed to the point of nearly collapsing. 


All these symptoms point in only one direction that is anxiety, which you may have never experienced before wedding planning. These troubling symptoms can also start affecting your relationship which is the Catch-22 of wedding planning anxiety. But don’t worry here we are to bring clarity on what exactly it is that you’re experiencing and how to handle it.


All you need to do is follow these tips, remember to take breaths and you won’t always feel this way…



Start with being honest and transparent about what’s troubling you


The most important thing that affects all your wedding decisions is the BUDGET! The money factor can easily stress you and we totally understand it! It won’t be an easy topic to discuss which makes it the most important topic of conversation. The best way to deal with financial anxiety is to be open and honest with everyone who is contributing to the wedding. In Indian weddings, it’s the parents who look after the wedding finances and before starting planning you should ask them about the budget and then figuring out how much you want to keep for all the vendors. It’s a common phenomenon that people feel really stressed out when the wedding that they’re planning doesn’t match the decided budget.



You can’t run away from Imperfections 


Things can never be always perfect, always keep in mind… Your wedding functions won’t be either. You may be enticed by the idea of having the ‘perfect’ but you should never lose sight of what is actually a meaningful ceremony. If you keep this in mind then you will be able to make good choices. Just don’t stress yourself way too much at every single bit of the decision making. Your functions will be beautiful whatever theme or cuisine you choose for your wedding venues in Mahipalpur. 



Take some time out for yourself 


All that wedding planning and tasks can make your stomach turn or leaving you exhausted. The best way to handle your pre-wedding anxiety is to step away from planning once in a while. Wedding planning will stress you out, making you feel like there is nothing else left in your life. Therefore, it’s better to go away for a night, spend some quality time with your friends as you would love the much-needed distraction.



Don’t forget to set positive and healthy goals


It has been observed that having a completely stress-free wedding experience is an impossible goal. You need to set two specific goals to counteract that anxiety or any such symptoms. First, don’t let your anxiety plan your wedding and you make all the important decisions. Do what pleases you and your partner. Secondly, try to be psychologically flexible. That means you need to make a conscious choice to do what is most important to you. 



Try not to suppress your feelings


We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s really important if you want to get rid of all those worries! You have to co-exist with the anxiety that too softly and compassionately. You have to do it without making yourself suffer by trying to force it to go away as if you do it then it will only increase it. So just let your emotions flow, and skip the negative self-talk or judgment. 



Look at the big picture


You should always take a long view during the stressful planning process. This stressful phase will pass on before you know it. Just remember that you are your partner are in this together and you’re not just planning a wedding together but you’re preparing to spend your life with your best friend. 



After all those tips, if you still seek help then do take some professional help! 



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