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How to make your wedding reception look like a dream?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 25, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

A wedding reception is the most awaited party during the whole wedding as it helps to end the celebration with a bang. Previously, it used to be plane jane party with just dance and alcohol but now things have changed drastically. Couples are now experimenting with unique themes and ideas to make this celebration even more memorable. It’s the final celebration where there are no rituals as well as customs and it’s all about dancing your heart out with your partner, family and friends. 

So, here are some ideas to make your reception party unique and enjoy the fullest.

Light it up

Who doesn’t love pretty lights lightening up the whole area? It can be done by using some fairy lights, neon hearts or panelled light beams that will set the right mood to party. Plus, lights will offer a perfect ambience to capture some amazing pictures of you and your partner. Trust us these lights will make the décor look breathtaking.

Go Floral for backdrops

Flora backdrops are one of the prettiest detail in the décor nowadays. They will not only look beautiful but they also add a pop of colour to the venue. These backdrops will also you a stunning background for all your couple pictures as well. A floral explosion from your backdrop or ceiling can create quite a sensory delight.

Don’t add Sofas

We have observed that sofas in wedding furniture have become so passé… So, you can totally ditch them in your reception décor and instead go for some sophisticated cushion chairs to complement your venue. You can get those chairs decked up with florals, drapes and other cute installations at the back of it.  

Go Outdoor with the camping theme

If you really want to go different then go for an open space and create amazing ambience there with the help of some magically lit-up open tents. Your guests can have a good time at these tents all night long! This will surely make your reception look way prettier that the closed setups. You can also go for big cabana like tents, low seating, fairy lights and adorned trees which will make your outdoor reception here a big hit!

We hope you loved these ideas and use them while planning your Reception Party but with a twist… 

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