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How to make your Dad feel special on your wedding Day?

  • By admin
  • September 25, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

Undoubtedly, a father-daughter relationship can’t be explained in words and we know that all the daughters are daddy’s little girls forever. It’s a father’s dream to host a fairy tale wedding for their daughters. So, now these little girls are willing as well as planning to make their fathers feel special and show it off to the world on their wedding day.

We all are aware that the fathers handle the whole wedding madness without even mentioning, so he should be surprised with something really special. The daughters can thank him for everything he’s ever done for them.

So here are some cute little ways to thank your father at the wedding!

Walk down the aisle with him

Walking down the aisle with father is a part of Catholic Weddings… How about doing that in Indian weddings as well. It will surely make it a really special moment for both father and daughter.

Some cute clicks with him

Fathers are usually busy with all the arrangements and hosting the functions. So, try to take out some time for special photos with him.

Get a short video or a collage made showing special moments spent with him

This would surely make everyone emotional, but he will definitely feel really special as well as nostalgic.

Pen down a hearty note for him

Words will always be less to describe the bond a father-daughter share… But writing down a few lines and then saying them out aloud at your wedding will be really overwhelming.

If you have an ideas to share or have done something really special for your father! Kindly share them in the comments below… We would love to read them!!

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