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Some Useful Tips For The Perfect Bridal Floral Hairdo

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 3, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

A bridal look is incomplete without a stunning hairdo. They add the right oomph as well as character to your whole look. Usually brides go for updos like buns or plaits when it comes to bridal hair but what adds beauty to them is the hair accessories. No bridal hair is complete without decking those buns or judaas. Nowadays, brides are willing to experiment  with exotic flowers and baby breaths to make them look all pretty. Whether you decide to have a perky bridal bun or a half-tie, fresh flowers add that extra gorgeousness to the overall ensemble.

Trust us, those flowers does are not last-minute tuck ins in the bun, but there are also a few thumb rules you could follow to WOW everyone with your look. 

Here are a few tips you could keep handy if you want to accessorise your hair:

Express what you want

Decide the hairstyle in advance and tell your stylist beforehand only. You can choose from a light bun with jasmine gajra wrapped around it or a stylish bun beautified with flowers. Don’t do any last-minute changes in the hairstyle as it might cause panic.

Selection of flowers 

After deciding the hairstyle should be, select suitable flowers for your tresses. Nowadays there is a variety of flowers to choose from, so go for ones that will suit your ensemble. Presently, brides are going for orchids, lavenders, baby breaths, jasmines, roses and carnations.

Do not forget to refrigerate the flowers

This is very important thing. You need to refrigerate your flowers before you use them. This helps will make the flowers appear more vibrant, colourful and last longer. 

Pro tip: Keep them in a bowl full of water and refrigerate them.

Avoid going OTT

Don’t go over the top with the flowers as it may ruin your ensemble. We advise you to be subtle and minimal to make them look all classy. Choose dainty and tiny flowers, as opposed to the bulky ones. This will further help you to make your bun lighter and easy to survive with.

Use Setting spray before adding the flowers

The hair spray makes flowers wilt faster. Applying hair spray also makes the flowers appear to be half-dead and crushed. So, make sure you add the flowers at the end.

So, ladies… get ready to flaunt those flowers like a pro! 

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