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Top 10 trousseau packers in Gurgaon

  • By admin
  • March 11, 2020
  • 9 minutes read

Exchanging of gifts has always been a tradition in an Indian wedding ceremony. To keep this tradition alive with the modern wedding trend, the concept of trousseau and gift has been distinctively redefined by the trousseau packers. These have not only broadened the overall concept of exchanging of gifts but now you can add a token of joy by presenting the gift in a unique way.


Choosing the right gift for a wedding ceremony is always a difficult task, but now you can make it simpler by hiring trousseau packers. Hiring renowned trousseau packing services will help you to cut short of your effort, but at the same time, it will give you the option to present a gift in an eccentric fashion. These days they also provide a customized trousseau packing solution which comes with a lot of extra facilities like if you have booked a banquet hall in Gurgaon then a few of these vendors can easily deliver your gifts to your wedding venue also. Therefore, if you are planning to present your wedding gifts and presentations in a unique way then consider going through the list of some of the best trousseau packers in Gurgaon that are given below.


Best Trousseau Packers in Gurgaon



1. The Marigold Diaries



Primarily located in Gurgaon, The Marigold Diaries is one of the renowned trousseau packers that offers a wide range of gift packing services. Indian wedding involves a lot of ceremonies and preparation in which choosing the right gift is always a difficult task. However, hiring Marigold Diaries will give you an amazing trousseau packing experience, and you can present your wedding gifts in a unique fashion.


The company offers a plethora of gift wrapping option and what makes them popular and distinctive is their creativity in gift wrapping. Marigold Diaries has some high profile creative workers who always emphasized on making the ordinary the extraordinary by wrapping it with beautiful pop color packaging. They also provide customised packaging services that are well within an affordable range. Some of the customised services offered by them include decorative packing boxes, trousseau trunks, saree bags and basket for hampers.



2. Poshwrap



Poshwrap is a Gurgaon based trousseau packers who ventured in this profession in 2015. Their main focus is on offering mesmerizing gift-wrapping services for various wedding ceremonies. Opting for Poshwrap will give you the latest gift wrapping options that are currently in trends like adding embellishments, drapes and artificial flowers to the presents.


They provide both interstate and international services and offers a wide range of gift wrapping options. Apart from that, they have a team of expert who is equipped and well-versed on this field and always focuses on providing customer satisfaction. To decorate the wedding gifts in a special way sometimes they used stunning pieces of fabrics and stationery. Some of the services provided by them include designer boxes, sagan envelopes, basket for hampers, saree bags and trousseau trunks.




3. Vibz Creation

Make your wedding gift packaging even more beautiful with Vibz Creation a Gurgaon based trousseau packing company. They always aim on providing the best packaging solution that makes your wedding trousseau more beautiful and attractive. Besides, they also have a team of experts who are focusing on innovative ways to make the packaging experience more unique.


In general, they offered a wide range of gifting services which include a basket of hampers, sagan envelopes, trousseau trunks, and saree bags. To make your wedding more memorable, you can opt for plenty of customized packaging services. While incorporating new ideas, they also consider the suggestion of their clients so that it gives them a perfect gift wrapping experience. Moreover, they also add trendy and eye-catching trousseau services.


4. The Wrapping Co.

Gift wrapping plays a significant role in the Indian wedding ceremony and to give it a dynamic touch. The Wrapping Co. has come up with a wide range of gift wrapping options. Located in Gurgaon, this vendor provides the best packaging services by adding decorative items and drapes to the gift item so that it looks more unique. The focus of the Wrapping Co. is on providing special packaging services, and they always committed to doing the best.


The Wrapping Co. has a team of professionals who are skilled in designing wedding packaging in various creative ways. They also take care on making packaging more attractive by adding various finishes to make them more beautiful. The services provided by them are well within an affordable range, and they also offer the option of personalised services. Some of the trousseau packing services offered by them include trendy boxes, sagan envelops, trousseau trunks, saree bags, etc.


5. Mystic Miraya

Mystic Miraya is a Gurgaon based vendor who has both expertise and skill in creating a beautifully memorable trousseau packing service. The focus of Mystic Miraya is in creating an extraordinary feeling for your loved ones and sharing the joy through beautifully packing gifts. They emphasize on absolute perfection and offers a one of a kind experience to their clients.


Gifts can add a distinctive touch to your wedding ceremony if it is decorated with attractive colour packaging. They incorporate various innovative and creative ways while packing gifts to create extraordinary charming to an ordinary gift. From customised designing to pricing their packaging is well within an affordable range. Some of the tailor-made services offered by them include sagan envelops, decorative boxes, baskets for hampers, saree bags and trousseau trunks. Moreover, for selecting the best trousseau packers, you can also visit their store which is located in Gurgaon.

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6. Irish Gift Wrapping


Irish Gift Wrapping is one of the renowned names which are known for creating extraordinary out of ordinary staff. Located in Gurgaon, this vendor can provide you with a wide range of creative gift wrapping services which are not only attractive but can also give you an eccentric wedding experience. Irish Gift Wrapping service believes that Gifts always make a social gathering more special. They have a team of professionals who work closely with their clients by taking suggestion while decorating the gifts for trousseau packing services.


To wrap it up in an elegant fashion, they offer unique ideas and decorative covers that will help you to portray you loved for your closed ones. They aim to provide a one-stop gift wrapping solution and therefore offers a wide range of services which include trousseau trunks, decorative boxes, sagan envelops, saree bags and baskets for hampers.


7. Book My Wrap

In India, the wedding is always celebrated in a grand and elegant fashion, and gift plays a significant role in bringing joy and grandiosity together. To bridge this celebration of sharing Book My Wrap, a Gurgaon based trousseau packers have come up with an impeccable range of gift wrapping services that will give you a special wedding approach. The main focus of Book My Wrap is to imbibe the traditional wedding style with the current gift wrapping trends to give you a unique wedding experience. They have a team of professionals who uses distinctive creative styles to make your wedding more unique and memorable. Book My Wrap offers a wide range of services within an affordable and also provides the option of customization and personalised services. The services provided by them include decorative boxes, trousseau trunks, bags and basket for hampers.



8. The Dazzling wraps by Sugandha


The Dazzling wraps by Sugandha is a Gurgaon based trousseau packer service that always aims to create a unique memory to the various wedding ceremonies. Gifts are always a great option be it for conveying love or for maintaining social formality, and in a marriage, it can always add a joyfulness to the whole ceremony. To extend this joy of fun into a great memory, Dazzling wraps by Sugandha offers a wide range of wedding packaging services to their clients.


The services offered by Dazzling wraps by Sugandha will always give you a one of a kind experience and exhibits their style and creativity through handcrafted items. Their team also provides a wide range of customised trousseau packing solution to their client. The services provided by them include saree bags, sagan envelops, decorating boxes and basket for hampers. To make the packaging look unique, they also add trays and other decorative stationary so that it complements your overall wedding.


9. Inaaya Creations

If you are planning to add extra grace to your wedding through the most simplistic thing, then opt for Inaaya Creations. This vendor, who is from Gurgaon has the capability to turn an ordinary gift into a unique item that will grab the attention of everyone. Since gifts play a crucial role in Indian wedding ceremonies; therefore, Inaaya Creations aims to offer an eccentric grand experience through its creative approach. Their team offer packages within an affordable price range and ensures to wrap up your gift with utmost detailing and creativity.


From offering a large number of packages to delivery if you are expecting a mind-blowing experience than opting for Inaaya Creations will give you a unique experience. They have an expert team who uses handmade papers, colourful ribbons and various innovative item to wrap your gift in a beautiful way.


10. Wrap Some Love

Wrap Some Love is a Gurgaon based trousseau Packers Company. They have been in the gifting industry for the last three years and become a renowned name for their gift packing services. From outstanding decorations to colorful layers, they used a variety of decorative items and stationery to give you a unique gifting experience. Their team of experts always ensures that each gift is packed beautifully, and vividly so that it creates a great visual appeal.


The main aim of Wrap Some Love is to provide the best wedding packaging experience and that too within an affordable range. Apart from that, they also offer various customized wedding packaging services. Some of the wedding packaging services offered by them include wedding gifts, trousseau packing, sagan envelops, decorative boxes and engagement platters. So, be it a pre-wedding ceremony or a grand wedding celebration Wrap Some Love will always offer something unique and eccentric to its clients.

To Conclude:

Modern wedding trends have broadened the scope of presenting a gift in a unique way. You can now not only create a great memorable wedding experience but can also present your closed ones with trendy gifts and packages. For having a better insight, you can go through some of the best trousseau packers that are mentioned above.



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