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Top Wedding Pandit in Gurgaon

  • By admin
  • March 11, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Marriage, Vivah or Wedding Ceremony as known by different colloquial names is one of the most significant events in every ones life. In the Indian wedding tradition, it is considered as the transitional phase from Bramacharyashram to Grihasthashramam. To make the auspicious day of your wedding into a sacred union, a pandit is always required to perform a certain marriage wedding rituals.


Pandit plays an important role in the marriage ceremony, whether be it going through the couple’s horoscope or performing the main wedding rituals. Therefore, before heading on to start your married life on a better note, you can go through some of the best wedding pandits in Gurgaon that are given below.

Best Wedding Pandit in Gurgaon


1. Pandit Ved Prakash Tiwari

Reside in Gurgaon; Pandit Ved Prakash Tiwari is an experienced priest who has immense knowledge in the field of astrology and wedding. He has experience in conducting rites and rituals for various wedding ceremonies. It is his accurate prediction and impeccable knowledge in wedding rituals which makes him popular in this field. Pandit Ved Prakash Tiwari has the ability to make rightful forecast and also provide right counsel and guidance.


In India, wedding ceremonies involves various rituals and customs and therefore hiring Pandit Ved Prakash Tiwari will help you to start your wedding journey on a happy note. The charges of Pandit Ved Prakash Tiwari are well within an affordable range, and he provides both city-based services as well as outstation wedding services if you have booked a wedding venue in Gurgaon or outside, it’s perfect in both situations.


2. Pandit Mukesh

Pandit Mukesh is a Gurgaon based wedding priest. He has years of experience in conducting wedding rituals and can make your auspicious day more special. Pandit Mukesh not only helps you to make a fresh start to your married life but also help you to live a life of happiness. The charges of Pandit Mukesh is considerably quite high, but he provides a one-stop solution which includes services like wedding puja, wedding ceremonies and astrological services. Besides, he also helps you to choose the right partner so that you can lead a happy life. However, the only thing is that he gives a city-based wedding service.


3. Pandit Tarakeshwar Chobey

Pandit Tarakeshwar Chobey is a Gurgaon based priest who resides in PalamVijar. He has been in this field for a long time and is always a go-to-person when it is related to the arrangement of any wedding rituals. If you are planning to tie the knot then hiring him for conducting the wedding rites and rituals is always the best option as he poses knowledge on various wedding rituals. He always put the best effort in the wedding ceremonies and make sure that a couple can make a new beginning to their wedding life.


Be it tieing a knot or Kundli reading he is expert in providing all types of wedding ritual services. Pandit Tarakeshway conducts the Hawans and the final marriage rituals in a very efficient way so that it helps the couples in smoothening their path that lies ahead. He also offers a wide range of service which include rituals for wedding puja and wedding ceremony.


4. Acharya Mahesh

In India, the wedding rituals are a significant part of a marriage ceremony and therefore to start your journey on a positive note you can consult Acharya Mahesh. He is a Gurgaon based priest who has long been accustomed to performing various wedding rituals. Acharya Mahesh helps the would-be couples by positively guiding them and always try to provide them with accurate finding and assistance that can help them in their later life. With a life long knowledge in different Vedic Sastra and his positive enchantment towards peace and prosperity, he is renowned not just as a wedding priest but also as a Sastra Guru. Moreover, he provides a wide range of wedding ritual services which include pre-wedding pujas, performing rites and rituals for the main wedding ceremony and Kundali matching. The service charges for performing wedding rituals are also within an affordable range.


5. Pandit Manoj Shastri

If you are looking for a pandit to proceed with your wedding rituals, then Pandit Manoj Shastri can be your go-to option. He is a Gurgaon based wedding pandit who is popular for making happy matchmaking between the couples. Then that’s not all as he has the ability to predict the future of the married couples and also provide them with remedial solutions. Apart from that Pandit Manoj Shastri is also very good at Kundali matching and performing Hawan and various wedding rituals. Pandit Manoj Sastri not only provides a wide range of wedding ritual services but also has a deep insight into various Vedic Shastras. Moreover, the services provided by him are also within the affordable range.


6. Pandit Pawan Mishra

If you are planning to tie a knot sometime sooner and wants to smoothen the path of your married life then consider having a consult with Pandit Pawan Mishra. Pandit Pawan Mishra is a Gurgaon based wedding pandit who resides in the Udyog Vihar Industrial Area. He has a vast knowledge of various Vedic Shastra and is well-known for providing wedding services. To smoothen your married life, he conducts various rites and marriage rituals and also provides guidance to the would-be couple as to how they can make their married life more better. Among some of the wedding ritual services provided by Pandit Pawan Mishra include Kundali matching, pre-marriage puja, wedding ceremonies, Hawan and various other rituals. However, one must note that he only offers city-based wedding ritual services.


7. Pandit Pradeep Shukla

Pandit Pradeep Shukla is a Gurgaon based wedding pandit. He poses immense knowledge on Hindu Shastra and has conducted various wedding rituals and pujas. However, what makes him a renowned pandit is his dedicated service towards his clients. He always emphasizes on performing the wedding rituals and other puja services in the right manner so that it turned out to be a bliss for his clients.


Pandit Pradeep Shukla provides a wide range of wedding ritual services which include pre-marriage puja, Kundali matching, wedding ceremonies and Hawans and various other rituals. Apart from that, his usual hours of operation are between 9:30 Am to 6:30 Pm from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, the charges of his services for conducting various wedding rituals are within an affordable range.


8. R.K. Tiwari

R.K. Tiwari is a Gurgaon based wedding pandit who resides near Wazirabad sector 52. He is a well-known wedding priest and is very popular for conducting various rituals and pujas. To smoothen your married life, you can always count on his services. R.K. Tiwari has been providing wedding services for a long time and also has immense knowledge in various Hindu Shastra. He also provides wedding related suggestions to the would-be couple to make their married life better. R.K. Tiwari provides a city-based wedding ritual services and a one-stop solution to all types of marriage rites and rituals. His charges are within an affordable range and dedicatedly conduct the various marriage rituals.


9. Sandeep Shastri

Marriage is all about starting a new chapter of your life with your loved ones. And to make a smooth beginning, you can pay a visit to Sandeep Shastri who has a deep insight into Hindu Shastra and has a long year of experience in conducting various wedding rituals and pujas. He provides a dedicated wedding ritual service to his clients and always focuses on making your each and every ritual more promising and always do so in the most perfect manner.


Sandeep Shastri is a popular wedding pandit who not only provides a one-stop solution to all your wedding rituals and other pujas but also offers excellent outstation services. His charges are within an affordable range and provide various wedding ritual services which include Kundali matching, pre-puja wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and Hawan for various wedding ceremonies.

To Conclude:

In India, marriage involves a lot of rituals and pandit play a key role in conducting the overall marriage ceremony. Though their enchantment and rituals, they not only bind the couple in a sacred union but also help them to make them their future life better. For hiring a pandit for your wedding ceremony, you can consider going through the list of some of the renowned wedding pandits that are mentioned above.


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