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Ways to make your Bidaai a Joyful Farewell Experience

  • By Prakhar
  • April 30, 2024
  • 7 minutes read

One of the most emotional and important moments of any wedding is the Bidaai. It is the momentous occasion when the bride bids her family goodbye to embark on a new journey with her partner. As emotional and sensitive the moment is, it can easily be transformed into a joyful occasion to bring a smile on everyone’s face. There are several ways to make the Bidaai ceremony a happy and unforgettable moment for everyone involved, despite the fact it may be an emotional time for the bride and her family. We’ll go over a variety of fun ideas in this blog that will help you in making your Bidaai a celebration of love, family and new beginnings as well as long-lasting memories.

1.  Set up a Farewell Party for the Bride

Set up a Farewell Party for the Bride

After the ceremony, the friends and family can think about throwing an intimate parting party rather than having the Bidaai be the last event of the wedding festivities. This might be a more laid-back and casual get-together with close family and friends, where everyone can exchange happy memories and well wishes for the bride’s upcoming adventure. This is also an ideal way to ensure that the bride is absorbing all the good memories from the wedding and not feeling upset about leaving her house. The party itself can have fun games, activities and entertainment to create a positive environment for everyone.


2. Add Joyful Components

Add Joyful Components

Add some playfulness to the Bidaai ceremony by adding fun and happy elements that will instantly elevate the atmosphere from solemn to fun. For instance, the bride and her siblings or friends can do a surprise dance performance or sing a song as this will distract everyone from the idea of letting the bride go. The bride’s close friends can also play a short montage of all the memories with the bride to cherish the good moments. There can also be a photobooth set-up where everyone can be encouraged to take pictures with the bride while acting goofy and fun, after the bidaai ceremony.

3. Customise the Bidaai Experience

Customise the bidaai experience

Personalization can never go wrong and a fun way to do that is by incorporating the bride’s interests and personality into the ceremony. This will definitely add more value and positive feelings to the ceremony. Some ideas include doing things like playing her favourite happy songs, decorating the exit area with her favourite flowers or decor elements or calling her favourite artist to especially sing for her during the ceremony. Another fun idea is to ask all her dear ones to write short notes for her that she can take away with her and write down on memory with the bride that they cherish the most.


4. Establish a Positive Atmosphere

Establish a positive atmosphere

Encourage all the family members and guests to concentrate on the positive elements of the bidaai, such as the bride’s new journey and the union of two families. It is highly imperative to keep the spirits uplifted by talking about the positives of the wedding. It should be advised to avoid emotional speeches and crying as it may dishearten the bride and only lead to sulking. For obvious reasons, expressing emotions is inevitable but we can do everything in our control to keep the atmosphere positive and happy.

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5. Involve the Groom

Involve the groom

The groom is not usually an active participant in the Bidaai during traditional Indian weddings. On the other hand, involving the groom in the parting ceremony could provide a more positive and embracing aspect. The bride can be accompanied by the groom during the departure from her parent’s house or the wedding venue as a sign of his promise to be her support system and lifelong companion. The groom can be involved in any fun activity planned during the bidaai ceremony as it will create a sense of acceptance and warmth. This will only make the bride realise that this is a part of life and as long as she has her husband’s support, she will be able to go through any experience.


6. Seize the Moments

Seize the Moments

Employ a skilled photographer or videographer to record the special moments from the bidaai ceremony. These recollections could help in preserving the happiness and feelings of the occasion and will be treasured for years to come. This way the bride can focus on being clicked with her loved ones during the ceremony and the photographers can conduct a fun way to capture these moments. With Instagram reels as popular trends, the photographer can encourage all the family members and friends to do something fun to capture this moment and turn it into a reel.


7. Exit in Style

Exit in style

With endless options in front of us, the bidaai ceremony can always have a twist with a fun exit. The bride and the groom can talk to their wedding planners and plan a fun and over-the-top exit that will change the atmosphere from sad to fun. They can plan to exit on an elephant or a horse. They can go in a vintage car that is festooned with beautiful ornaments and other elements. The groom can also carry the bride in his arms till their carriage or car and this will surely create a romantic environment, leaving everyone in awe. If the wedding itself is extravagant or is being hosted in another destination, the couple can ask for a yacht or chopper to travel in after bidding goodbye.


8. Ending the Ceremony on a Positive Note

Ending the ceremony on a positive note

Rather than letting the Bidaai ceremony be the last event of the wedding, think about closing it on a happy note. This might be a collective blessing or prayer for the bride or it could be a symbolic act, such as launching lanterns or balloons into the sky to mark the beginning of a new adventure. This will lighten up the atmosphere and push everyone to be more positive and happy. Doing something positive in the end will also let the bride feel more positive about leaving her parental home and allow her to focus on the new beginning.


The bidaai ceremony might be the last event of the wedding but there are no rules that say that it should be done a particular way or has to be the last event. There are several ways to make this ceremony more heartfelt and positive, some of them are discussed above. It is imperative to look at this ceremony as a new beginning for the married couple and a start of a new adventure.

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