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What are the engagement ring trends for the year 2023?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • February 6, 2023
  • 3 minutes read

engagement ring


Engagement rings are something extraordinary that women look forward to while getting married. They not only signify a lifelong bond but also have a charm that no other elaborate set of bridal jewellery has. While selecting the most special engagement ring you may have spent hours and hours and if you’re a bride-to-be, then you may select from the most stunning pieces available these days! To make it easier for you, we’ve curated these 5 trends that are the rage these days. If you’re planning to get married in 2023, then do pin these designs…

How about trying non-diamond coloured stones?


Diamonds have always been people’s favourites when it comes to engagement rings but coloured stones have a different charm. Above all, they have never been as popular as they are now. The most popular ones are the emeralds as well as the sapphires! Green and blue engagement rings look lovely and they are finding a lot of takers. Also, these coloured engagement rings look more stunning and are cheaper than a solitaire of a similar size.



A switch towards lab-grown diamonds


We have always heard that diamonds occur naturally but nowadays lab-grown diamonds are gaining too much popularity. The best part about these diamonds is that they are available at a smaller price tag and are more sustainable than diamonds. These lab-grown alternatives are not only chemically identical to natural diamonds as they are just manufactured, so they don’t require mining, nor do they have any ties to colonialism. They even allow buyers to get a more significant diamond option at a lower cost!



Chunkier pieces ruling the market


For so many years ultra-thin bands or rings with singular stones have been in vogue! But we are predicting that the year 2023 will be for chunkier rings. The most popular ones could be three-stone settings. Such designs will give you an expensive look without spending a bomb on a massive centre stone.



Yellow gold bands will again takeover


There was a time when platinum and white gold bands were a rage but the year 2023 will be about yellow gold bands making a comeback. The main reason behind this shift is because of the contrast of the yellow with white diamonds that makes them pop.



The ‘toi et moi’ trend will be a rage


Some people look for something unique, therefore they go for “toi et moi” rings, which consist of two stones, one of which is typically larger than the other, translating to ‘you and me’ in French. These can be the trend of the year too!



Here you are then! These will be in trends and they are all over the internet as well!


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