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What are the pros and cons of Airbrush Makeup?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • November 12, 2019
  • 2 minutes read

Getting that perfect bridal look is not a piece of cake. You want to look the best on your wedding day that means you want your skin to look flawless. For this you must be thinking of going for airbrush makeup which is known to be one of the ways to get flawless skin on your D-Day! But before going for it, you should be aware of the pros and cons of the technique. Just like any other techniques, airbrush makeup will help you get the desired results, when done correctly, but there are some drawbacks too of this technique… 

So here we are with some pros and cons then will help you decide if airbrush makeup is right for you? 

Check em out! 


  • Airbrush makeup lasts all-day
  • It will give your face a flawless finish and gives you full coverage
  • It gives a natural and healthy Appearance
  • A little goes a long way with the airbrush makeup
  • It’s easy to layer
  • Great for face contouring
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • Silicone-based and hypoallergenic that helps to fill in lines, pores and imperfections.
  • Alcohol and oil-free
  • Sweat, smear and tear-resistant
  • Helps to get beautiful photographs
  • Custom colours of foundations are available
  • It is transfer-resistant 
  • Suitable for oily skin


  • It can make your skin look flaky if your face is not prepped, primed and hydrated well
  • It’s hard to re-blend
  • It might be a possibility that your shade options are little more limited
  • Airbrush makeup is expensive
  • It is difficult to touch up
  • Not at all suitable for dry, scarred or acne-prone skin 

Whatever you decide, discuss it with your makeup artist who will make you feel comfortable and confident on your special day—with or without the airbrush. If you are still confused about getting the airbrush makeup on your wedding then you can book a trial with your MUA!

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