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What kind of makeup you should go on​ your Wedding Day?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 13, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

Decoding that perfect bridal look is not an easy task. Be it selecting that breathtaking lehenga, stunning jewellery and getting that perfect makeup on, every decision has the ability to put you in a dilemma. Amongst all, your bridal makeup is given the utmost importance. Nowadays, there are various kinds of makeup available which can confuse you to select the best one for you! 

The two most popular bridal makeup amongst brides include HD Makeup and Airbrush. But now you must be thinking about which one to go for? Which makeup will suit your skin? What is the difference between them? So, here we are to answer all these queries to help you select the best one for you…

HD Makeup

With the introduction of all those high definition cameras, a bride’s face’ details can easily be captured. These cameras are able to capture all the flaws be it your blemishes, wrinkles or even that cakey makeup. This further led to the introduction of HD Makeup that gives flawless makeup. The products used in this kind of makeup offers a light-diffusing coating that blurs the light at the time of reflecting back. HD Makeup lends a very smooth and natural look and at the same time, it helps to hide all the flaws in the most subtle way as it blends with the skin finely.

Airbrush Makeup  

Airbrush is one of the most advanced technology in the beauty world. It is a lightweight makeup done with the help of an airgun. In this liquid foundation is sprayed over the face to get flawless finish as it makes the makeup blend perfectly with the skin. Just like foundation, this technology is also used to apply blush, eye shadow, lip colours as well as refine eyebrows. It has been observed that this Airbrush Makeup stays intact for a longer period of time.

Which one is better?

HD Makeup is used to make skin look flawless in the pictures and is suitable for all types of skin. Plus, Airbrush is a good choice for oily skin. HD Makeup also makes skin look really natural whereas on the other hand airbrush makes the skin look artificial. Airbrush makes the skin appear lighter than the traditional makeup. 

Airbrush Makeup have silicon in them which fills up the pores as well as fine lines up to extent. But it doesn’t cover the blemishes completely and sometimes even the blemish appears behind the makeup. Your MUA can help will fix your flaws manually. Above all, the products used in Airbrush are mostly hypoallergenic which makes them perfect for the sensitive type of skin.

P.S. Just trust your professional makeup artist, they will guide you with the best one for you! 

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