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Makeup Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • September 10, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

It’s not an easy task to select the perfect makeup look for your wedding functions. Being a bride you can’t afford to believe anything and everything and try any look. So, to help you nail the perfect makeup look on your D-Day we have listed some makeup myths that every bride-to-be should know about. All the Brides-to-be can take a cue from these common misconceptions and start to hunt for the perfect look throughout your wedding shenanigans!

Myth 1: Applying makeup on a daily basis can harm your skin 

Some girls just love makeup and they don’t want to stop applying even if they are getting married in some days! Trust us, there is nothing wrong wearing makeup every day! Being a bride to be you have to look your best at all times, therefore it would be perfectly okay to wear makeup as long as you are using good products.

Pro Tip: Remove your makeup before you sleep and use a good night cream to rejuvenate your skin cells. 

Myth 2: Glitter/Shimmer look too much

You will be the centre of attraction in the wedding therefore, you have to look extra radiant and striking as a bride. You can use products such as creams, powders and lotions containing fine glitter particles are excellent for an extra radiant look as a bride. You can also go for good highlighters to look good. 

Pro tip: Be careful while using these shimmer products as they are really pigmented and less is more!

Myth 3: Matching the foundation to your wrist or your hand

Everyone does that and trust us this is the wrong way to do it! Please, don’t be fooled anymore! Every girl goes through the struggle of finding the correct foundation and since so many years we check this by swatching it on our wrist or hand. You need to stop doing this as the skin tone varies from your face. 

Pro tip: For best results, test the colour accuracy on your jawline in natural light on clean skin; this will ensure your foundation is the perfect shade for your complexion.

Myth 4: Red Lipstick is not for everyone!

There are so many girls who have self-assumed this myth which should be busted right away! Anyone can rock red lipstick and look stunning. 

Pro Tip: Remember to pick out the right shade of red as per your skin tone.


Myth 5: Choosing a lighter foundation to look fairer in your photos!

Some people think that using a lighter foundation will make them look fairer whereas it makes your actual skin tone look ashy and grey which obviously will not look good in your photos too.

Myth 6: Combination of bold lips and eye makeup make you look old!

Brides can actually rock a bright lip and eye makeup look on the big day, contrary to popular belief you may have heard. 

Pro tip: If you are going with bold lipstick on your wedding day: Use a stain so it’s less likely to rub off during the function and make sure it has a blue undertone to it (so your teeth look extra white!).

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