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7 Common Mistakes That Grooms Should Stop Making

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • December 11, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

You will find millions of writeups online that talk about tips for brides, what they should do, what they should not and do on… But, what about grooms? Are they perfect and don’t require any tips to look all perfect on their wedding functions? Trust us, it’s not at all like this. Even they need some inspirations as well as tips that will make them look all perfect at their wedding celebrations. 

So, here we are to the rescue to help all grooms-to-be in avoiding some common fashion blunders they are making. Scroll on and have a look!

Wearing tuxedos at day functions

As compared to women, men have fewer options when it comes to wedding outfits. They can either wear a suit, a sherwani or a nice tuxedo. Out of all three, a tux is noted as evening attire. So, just don’t wear it for the morning ceremonies!

Suspenders with belts

As we all know the purpose of suspenders as well as belts which is the same that is to hold the pants up in place. Therefore, you don’t need to wear them both at the same time and look weird.

Long or too short trousers

It’s really important to wear the right length of the trousers. The bottom of the trousers should just touch the shoelaces. If your trousers are longer or shorter than that then it means that your pants are badly tailored, which can totally spoil your entire look. We know ankle-length trousers are in, but the right length looks more sophisticated.

The Buttoning of the blazer or coat

We know, the suits come with multiple options of buttons which can be one, two, three or even more than that. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to button them up as it spoils the complete look. You can fasten one or maximum two, but more than that is a strict No-No!

Neglecting bride’s attire

We are all aware of the fact that a bride’s attire is considered to be more important in Indian weddings. A bride’s outfit is not only grand but it’s heavy and exquisite too. Therefore, grooms should always coordinate with the bride’s dress. It can be done by colour coordinating or by opting something heavy if she is wearing something heavy or something subtle if she is going for something minimalistic.

Forgetting a handkerchief

You might not be in a habit of carrying a handkerchief all times but when it is your own wedding, then you should carry one. Whatever attire you are wearing be it a sherwani or tux, you can complete the look by a contrasting handkerchief. Plus wedding ceremonies can be a  bit emotional and there will some moments that can leave your bride teary-eyed. So, not for yourself, but for your better half, you should carry a handkerchief to your functions.  

Opting for light-coloured suits for evening or night functions

Light coloured attires look really good during morning or day functions. Whereas if you have evening or day functions then opt for darker shades such as blacks, blues, dark browns, burgundy and greys. These are the perfect colours that are meant to look good as well as make you dazzle in evening or night functions.

Other useful tips for grooms

  • Don’t get wasted on the day before your wedding
  • Don’t spend too much time with your friends
  • Do not talk about the money spent
  • Meet and greet all your guests with a smile on your face
  • Have something to eat during the wedding


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