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#GroomGuides: A complete Wedding Planning Checklist for Indian Grooms

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • January 22, 2020
  • 3 minutes read



All grooms-to-be, we totally understand wedding planning is not a piece of cake and being the main man, you have to participate in the planning as much as your bride. There is a long list of tasks that you need to do on your part to make your wedding memorable. To ease your tasks a bit, you can follow a checklist of all the things to be done. You can just tick them off when they are done to avoid any kind of chaos. Now, you must be thinking when this checklist should be made and what all it should have. So, here we are to your rescue! You can create your wedding check-list a month before the wedding and add the below-mentioned tasks…


Three months before the wedding


As a groom, you might not need to go all crazy three months before the wedding day, but you can start those tasks which are kinda hectic in the coming future!


  • Select your honeymoon destination and get all your bookings done. If you want to take advantage of the best offers as well as deals, then this is the time to do all the bookings for flights and hotels
  • Start grooming yourself and visiting derma or dentist to help you look all handsome on your wedding functions
  • Look for the vendors required on your parts such as a cocktail or reception venue, caterer, band or ghodi and many more
  • Begin with thinking about all the outfits that you want to wear on your wedding functions and ceremonies
  • Send ‘save the dates’ to the guests who are coming from other towns
  • Last, but not the least start working out if you want to look great in your sherwani. You will be able to make bring in some change in three months



A month before the wedding


The hectic time period starts now when it’s just a month to go for the big day!


  • Lock on the invite design as well as favours and start sending them
  • Get your outfits ready for all the functions and shop for matching accessories as well as shoes too
  • Communicate with your vendors and describe them everything you want
  • Start avoiding caffeine as well as oily food if you don’t want to compromise with the way you look
  • Go for your salon appointments to take care of your hair and skin
  • Get that gift for your bride if you are planning to surprise her with something special
  • The most important thing- distribute tasks amongst your groom squad to stay stress-free during the wedding



7 Days before the Wedding


The time is almost there, so just stop running here and there, just relax take care of yourself.


  • It’s the perfect time to get your haircut so that if anything goes wrong, it can be fixed before the D-day
  • Try your outfits and check if any alteration is required
  • Meditate to relax yourself to stay calm at your wedding
  • Give final calls to all your vendors and share emergency contact with them
  • It’s time to have a rocking bachelor’s party



Wedding Day


It’s your big day so no tasks! Just send a heartfelt text to your bride-to-be telling her how excited you are to marry her…



Just stick to this checklist and have a delightful wedding and a happy married life.



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