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Top 10 Bar Tenders in Gurgaon

  • By admin
  • March 6, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Hosting a party is easy but hosting it in the right way is where the challenge lies. The right way to organize a wedding party is by keeping in mind the preferences of the guests. Apart from food, a party is incomplete without beverages. If you want to make your wedding party extraordinary, you have to make a perfect corner for a bar with all sorts of cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks. The next thing is to serve your collection of liquor to your guests. Well, that is not a big deal as you can hire bartenders to fulfil your needs. You can consider going through the list of some of the leading bartender services in Gurgaon as this can help you in hiring the best services.

Best Bartender Services in Gurgaon


1. Ladyz n Gentleman



Planning to make your wedding ceremony more colourful and exciting, then take note at Ladyz n Gentleman a renowned bartender in Gurgaon. They specialize in conducting various theme-based events for various wedding ceremonies. Hiring their service will not only give you a premier experience but also help you to celebrate your wedding in a grand and elegant fashion. Ladyz n Gentleman offered both city-based and outstation bartender services, and some of their services include bartender service for wedding events, theme bartending, flaring, and beverage consultant. The charges of their services vary depending upon the arrangement and the number of people.


2. The Cocktails Bartender



If a professional bartender is your go-to option for your wedding ceremony, then consider taking a look at the service offered by The Cocktails Bartender. Located in Gurgaon: The Cocktails Bartender is famous for its exciting mix of drinks and flaring shots. They also have a team of professionals who are skilled and trained to juggle with liquor bottles in various styles. Their team provides extensive services for various wedding events and is also famous for serving customized services. The charges of The Cocktails Bartender are within an affordable range, and some of the services provided by them include bartender services, cocktail party organizers, Russian bartender services, etc.


3. Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy



Cheer up the joy and fun of your wedding ceremony with world-class drinks experience from Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy. Located in Gurgaon: the bartenders at Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy can make your wedding party more posh and elegant. They offered fabulous cocktails and can make a great mix of cocktails and drinks for various events. Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy is a venture of Yangdup Lama and Shariq Khan who curate the drink menus for various wedding events. They offered a one of a kind service to their clients. The charges of Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy may vary depending upon the arrangements but no matter what they always offer something special to their clients.


4. Ajay Kumar



Ajay Kumar is another tried and tested name that has been providing bartender service for the last ten years. He is a Gurgaon based bartender who can give you the most splendid and fascinating experience of taste and joy to any events. Ajay Kumar is a solo bartender who is also a renowned name for providing professional bartender services for wedding ceremonies. The mix and blending of traditional drinks like Sangrias with various kinds of flavours are one of his speciality, which makes him famous for hosting service for various events. If you are planning for a crazy wedding celebration then opting him will give you the tailor-made touch of his magical blend. Moreover, the charges of his services are well within an affordable range.


5. Saurab Verma



If you are planning to offer a surprising experience to the guest at your wedding ceremony, then nothing is better than the tailor-made cocktail. Located in Gurgaon: Saurab Verma is an expert mixologist who has the requisite knowledge of arranging drinks for various wedding events in luxury banquet in Gurgaon. One of his specialities is that he adds different ingredients like orange juices, syrups to the cocktail, which can give you an all-new unique experience. He also offers a wide range of cocktails menus, and his charges are also comparatively nominal. Moreover, you can also consider some of his special drinks like Kalla Khata Cocktails and Sangrias for your wedding ceremonies to make it more unique.


6. Nice Cocktail Service



Nice Cocktail Service is a Gurgaon based bartender company. They ventured in 2015 and since has been providing bartender services for various wedding ceremonies and other events. The uniqueness of Nice Cocktail Service is to jazz up the ordinary drink into something special so that it gives you a bashing experience of flavours and enjoyment. With forte of blending, stirring, mixing their professional team are not just liquor alchemists but also deliver an amazing taste through their service, which is their signature mark.


In India wedding, these days are celebrated in various style, and fashion and Nice Cocktail Service just delve within it to make every wedding special. To complement your wedding and make it more special, they not only contain themselves in providing various flavoured drinks but also offered a wide range of wedding services. Moreover, their service of operation remains open on all day of the week.


7. Bar Master



Raising of glass and clinking it with cheers is a universal language of celebration. And that’s how Bar Master spread the joy of celebration through their blend and mix. Bar Master is a Gurgaon based bartender service provider that can make your intimate wedding ceremony warm and glowing with their tailor-made style of blending. They ventured their service in 2011, and since then their team of professionals has always put an extra effort to make the wedding ceremony memorable. Be it their mixing or juggling with the liquor bottles they have the potential to make any wedding event entertaining and enjoyable. Bar master provides a wide range of services which also include customized services for various wedding ceremonies.


8. Bartenders World



Bartender World is a well-known establishment who ventured their journey in 2009. Since then, the main objective of the company is to provide a one-stop solution for various events. Based in Gurgaon, this company emphasizes on customer satisfaction and always offered something new to make your event special. Be it a pre-wedding ceremony, a marriage celebration or a reception party they can always make it special with their theme-based services. From flaming shots to classic cocktails, they can cater to you with a wide range of services. Moreover, they also provide a wide range of services for wedding ceremonies, and some of their special bartender services include juggling with bottles and setting the tabletop in the fire.


9. Hari Sharma



Hari Sharma is a renowned Gurgaon based bartender who is an expert in creating any event unforgettable with fizz and mix. He’s a city-based service provider who can give you the heady vibe for a wedding party. One of his speciality is blending of sangrias a unique drink which is made for special events like weddings and house parties. Apart from that, he is an expert in juggling with a cocktail mix which can add extra fun to your wedding ceremony. Hari Sharma provides a wide range of bartender services for various wedding events, and his charges are also within an affordable range.


10. Dev Bartender Services



Planing to create an unforgettable wedding experience with nightlong party and enjoyment then Dev Bartender Services can be your go-to options. Dev Bartender Services operated in Gurgaon since 2006, and till now they are considered as one of the top bartenders for their consistency and dedicated services. They have a specialized team that aims to add a flare to the celebration with their tailor-made drinks. Dev Bartenders Services curates menu according to the demands of their clients and provides a customized solution. Moreover, they offered a wide range of services which include flaring, theme bartending and curated beverage menus for wedding events.

To Conclude:

Hiring a renowned bartender service for your wedding ceremony can help you to celebrate your wedding in a remarkable and lively fashion. Be it blending or mixing beverages a distinctive taste can make your happy hour even more delightful. Therefore, to make your wedding unique and to jazz it up with fizz and fun consider hiring a renowned bartender who can complement your overall wedding theme with a perfect blend of beverages.

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