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Top 10 bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon

  • By admin
  • February 24, 2020
  • 10 minutes read

Every bride-to-be dream, plan or aspire to present their best bridal outlook for their special wedding day. The notion of right makeup can make a considerable difference depending upon how the bride is prioritising their bridal makeup. Therefore it is essential for the bride-to-be to find the best makeup artist that offers a professional service and are dedicated to creating your wedding day more stunning and elegant. To make this possible, you can take a look at some of the best bridal makeup artists in Gurgaon who do provide not only a trustworthy service but also make your money worth spending.


10 Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Gurgaon


1. Supriti Batra



Supriti Batra is a professional freelance makeup artist of Gurgaon. She is one of the leading makeup artists who has taken training under an eminent makeup artist Vidya Tikari. It is her unique approach and technique that has always help her to transform a woman into a stunning beauty in no time. She always focuses on creating the ideal ambience for the bride so that it makes the bride looks more relaxing and gives a stunning bridal look.


Supriti’s bridal makeover services include regular makeup, HD makeup, hair styling, draping and airbrush makeup. To give the perfect bridal look, she preferred some of the cosmetic brands like Channel, Sephora, Bobbie Brown and Urban Decay, among others. Moreover, she is experienced and has the ability to deliver makeover service according to the requirement of the customer. Moreover, what makes her an exceptional artist is her flawless work and years of expertise which makes it worth to hire her service for the bridal ceremony.



2. Rashi Sehgal Official



Rashi Sehgal Official is an eminent name in the wedding makeup industry. Rashi is a Gurgaon based professional wedding makeup artist who also offers her expertise globally. She has been providing this service for the last four years and has excelled in her service to make you look best for your special day. She is a talented and experienced artist who has the ability to deliver the finest makeup expertise.


Weddings come along with a lot of multiple ceremonies and therefore opting for Rashi Sehgal will give you the best option as they come with the proper expertise. Moreover, their makeover trials will help you to select the best look for your big day. Rashi offers a wide range of wedding makeover packages and can also be customised according to your budget. Their wide array of service includes airbrush makeup, HD makeup, party makeup, Hair Styling and drapping, among others.


3. Misha Vig Makeup Studio



They are one of the renowned makeup studios in Delhi. Misha Vig is an experienced wedding makeup artist who has travelled across the world and has worked with some eminent artist. It is her unique and exceptional style that has made her renowned as a wedding artist. Misha Vig studio believes that to bring the best bridal outlook, one needs to emphasise both on the technique and also on the branded product as these two things go in contrary to each other. For this, they use some of the well-certified branded cosmetics like Channel, Inglot, Estee and Bobbie Brown.


To make your wedding day more special, they provide a plethora of makeup service and customised makeup options. Misha Vig Makeup Studio is also well known for providing both traditional and contemporary wedding makeover, and their techniques will make the guest simply wonder at their art of makeup. Their main aim is on providing flawless wedding makeup service and has a wide range of makeup solution for different ceremonies in the wedding party. Therefore, if you are looking for a leading makeup artist in Gurgaon then opting for Misha Vig studio can be a perfect choice for you.


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4. Shimmer and Muse



Shimmer and Muse is a very popular name in the wedding makeup business. This makeup studio believes that perfect bridal makeup is an essential part of marriage and henceforth needs to be much more innovative and eye-catching. To make the bride look beautiful for the wedding day they provide various kinds of wedding makeup services which include HD makeup, hair extension, hair styling and regular bridal makeup. For delivering a more astounding look, they use branded cosmetics like HUDA, Chanel, Maybelline, Nars, Urban Decay and L’Oreal.


Shimmer and Muse provide both bridal makeover service within Gurgaon and also on the outstation. The charges for a bridal makeup range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. Moreover, their innovative and dynamic approach coupled with their wide range of creativity has made them a preferred choice for the pre-wedding makeup.



5. SG Makeovers



SG makeovers who have started their journey as a wedding makeup artist in 2016 has become a professional and is among the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon. SG Makeovers are specialised in the field of wedding makeup and believes that using branded cosmetic items from Smashbox, Stella, Mercier and Bobbie Brown among others can give a perfect look to the brides. Among their other highlighting features includes professional bridal makeup, enhancing the beauty of the face and offered varied hairstyles for different types of the bridal makeover.


SG makeovers offer a paid trial so that it helps you in getting a better perception of your outlook for your special day. Moreover, they have a dedicated team of professionals who are efficient and are well-versed with different types of wedding style. You can also take suggestions from them as to make yourself more beautiful for your wedding day. The service provided by SG makeover is also within an affordable range, which is between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000.



6. Fabulous Faces by Disha



Fabulous Faces is bridal makeup icon which is established by Disha to provide a unique bridal makeover solution for various marriage occasion. Disha has in-depth knowledge about bridal makeup and specialises in creating a different type of makeover style for the bride. Her dynamic approach towards the bridal makeup has helped her in creating a good reputation over the years in this field. From creating an elegant style to a glamorous outlook, Fabulous Faces by Disha offers a varied range of style for whether be it wedding or reception.


It is a one-stop bridal destination that provides all kinds of bridal makeup services. Disha style of work involves understanding the desire and the personalities of the bride and then provide them with a solution that best suits their needs. Besides, they also work with some of the top cosmetics brands like Urban Decay, MAC and Huda Beauty which help them in adding the perfect bridal touch. The charges of Fabulous Faces by Disha varied according to the needs and demands of the bride, but then they also provide customised makeup solution.



7. Noor by Astha



Noor by Astha Shadhna is among one of the renowned bridal makeup artists in Gurgaon who focus on bringing out the passionate beauty of a bride through her makeup designing. Noor provides various kinds of bridal makeup services which also include personalised wedding makeup services. It doesn’t matter for whatever preference you opt for as they always ensure that you look radiant and flawless. To make the bridal look more beautiful and appealing, they preferred using some of the top branded cosmetics like Estee Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, Huda Beauty and Urban Decay. The price range of their services varies greatly depending upon the needs and requirement of the customer. Moreover, their emphasis on the bridal makeup business has helped them in delivering quality services to their customer.



8. Anamika Makeovers




Your wedding day is a big momentous day of your life and therefore make it memorable with Anamika Makeovers. Anamika Makeover is a Gurgaon based artist who has provided bridal makeover service since 2013 with perfection and dedication. The artist has the best expertise in the bridal makeup segment and can make you the centre of attention for your wedding day. She not only provides a flawless makeover but also focuses on offering the perfection that can only make you look gorgeous and beautiful.


Anamika Makeover believes that every individual is different; therefore, she focuses on providing an individualistic wedding makeover solution. She takes time in understanding the needs of the customer and works accordingly to give them a perfect look for their wedding. Moreover, to complement her technique, she uses some of the top brand cosmetics, which include Lakme, Revlon, MAC, L’Oreal and Huda, among others.



9. Glam Gurl Makeoverz



It is a Gurgaon based bridal makeup artist who knows what it takes to make a bride look more unique and wonderful. Be it a stunning makeup or an elegant hairdo the Glam Gurl Makeoverz provide various types of bridal makeover solution. The Glam Gurl Makeoverz has the expertise to provide extraordinary makeover and make you look even more beautiful under the lights.


Glam Gurl Makeoverz has a team of high-end professionals who has adequate knowledge about different style and type of wedding makeover. Therefore hiring them will give you the option of going for a makeover that gives you a more distinctive look. The team also provides customised services depending upon the needs and the requirement of the customer. Moreover, their charges range from 2,500 to 35,000; therefore, it meets both the high-end and the low-end budget of the customer.



10. Reet Kaur Makeovers



Reet Kaur provides a makeover service in Gurgaon and is among one of the eminent names in the top 10 bridal makeup artist. Every bride-to-be wants to put their best self forward for the special occasion. And to make this dream a reality Reet Kaur a Gurgaon based artist is putting her best expertise to provide the bride with a perfect bridal makeover for their special wedding day. She is not only an eminent makeup artist but also has the ability to make you look beautiful and marvellous from tip to toe during your wedding ceremony.


Whether be it a pre-wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony or a marriage reception, she has the expertise to give a unique and natural touch to your overall wedding look, which eventually makes it more realistic. She blends her technique with a unique approach and complements the overall style by using some of the top brand cosmetics like Huda, Estee Lauder, MAC and Kryolan to give a stunning look to your bridal avatar.


To Conclude:

Are you planning to find the best bridal makeup artist in Gurgaon? Then take a look at the list mentioned above that will help you to find the right solution for your special day. The current wedding trend has brought in a lot of new ideas each day, whether be it bridal makeup or wedding decoration. So to present your best wedding outlook go ahead with a particular approach so that it helps you in finding the best bridal makeup artist that can help you in defining your outlook in a better way.

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