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Top 10 Bridal Mehendi Artist in Gurgaon

  • By admin
  • March 6, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

The moment we talk about a big fat Indian Wedding, a lot of things can come to one’s mind? Be it colourful decoration, fun delicacies or unique attire and so on this is something that has long been associated with a traditional Indian wedding. But what has held the tradition with the modern wedding trend is the Mehendi ceremony that is done before the actual wedding ceremony. This ceremony has not only make the modern Mehendi artist to think in a dynamic way but also help them to add more distinctive contemporary style to keep the tradition alive.


To present your best look for the wedding and to make the Mehendi ceremony more exciting you can go through some of the lists of the best briding artist that is given below.


10 Best Bridal Mehendi Artist in Gurgaon



1. Ajay Mehendi Art



Mehendi or Henna has long been associated with the traditional Indian wedding culture and has been used artistically for decorating the palms of brides and grooms during the course of their marriage rituals. It is immemorial and has become an integral part that has been evolving every day with new patterns and designs. To keep the tradition alive Ajay Mehendi Art, a Gurgaon based Mehendi designer has been in this trade for almost a decade. They offered a wide range of Mehendi art to help you to choose the one that best suits you.


Ajay Mehendi Art also has a team of expert designers who are proficient in creating traditional as well as fusion Mehendi art. They also provide the facility of late evening services for pre-wedding and wedding occasion for applying henna design. Moreover, they are also well known for creating Mehendi design using the best quality material, which is not only natural but also gives a unique colour complexion.



2. Wedding Mehendi Art



The popular stories of childhood have often landed us to dream of returning to the good old days. But that’s not the end as you can make those childhood stories of kings and queens back alive with Dal Chandra through conventional Mehendi art. Dal Chandra, the owner of Wedding Mehendi Arts, is a Gurgaon based Mehendi artist renowned for creating the traditional storytelling design through Mehendi art. Apart from that, he is also expert in creating contemporary Mehendi patterns that are unique and portrays a dynamic style. Moreover, he has a wide range of design pattern for wedding ceremonies and other occasions and provides the best service.



3. Saksham Mehendi Art



Planing to choose the right Mehendi design for pre-wedding ceremonies and wedding ceremonies is always a difficult task. To make this task a lot easier Sunil Kumar, the owner of Saksham Mehendi Art has come up with a diversified Mehendi art style. He has been a Gurgaon based artist who has been working in this field since 2000 and now has a wide range of Mehendi art style to offer which range from fusion to traditional and contemporary to modern art. His foremost focus is to provide quality service at a reasonable price and that too, with a wide range of style. To complement his design, he used high-quality Mehendi that can create a unique hue to his overall work. Moreover, his charges are also reasonable and provide quality service.



4. Anuj Mehandi Art



Women have played an important role in Indian tradition and culture. And Anuj Mehendi Art has specialized the art of projecting the role of the women in the Indian culture through his Mehendi style. He has also mastered the Mehendi art style of Rajasthan, Jaipur and Bombay. The varied traditional and contemporary style along with his own unique creativity, has helped him to provide excellent service to his clients.


Anuj has 26 years of work experience in this field, and his professional skill with his talent and constant effort have made him one of the best Mehendi artists in Gurgaon. His Mehendi style mainly embodies the role of women in Indian societies, as he strongly believes that Mehendi art has a strong connection with women. He projects his style through different forms of traditional art that are mostly taken from different tales.



5. Rajasthani Mehendi Art


If Rajasthani Mehendi style is your preferred choice for your wedding ceremony then opting for Rajasthani Mehendi Art will give you the perfect solution. Rajasthani Mehendi Art is run by Jay, a Gurgaon based artist who is into this work since 1980. He has a vast experience in wedding Mehendi art and has covered 29 major weddings ceremonies in wedding venues in Gurgaon . His emphasis on the Rajasthani Mehendi art has, however, made him more popular as he has mastered a variety of Rajasthani Art style. Apart from that Rajasthani Mehendi Style also provides a wide range of Mehendi design among which floral pattern and Arabian Mehendi design are popular. Moreover, hiring their service will also make you feel delightful as they have mastered the art of perfection and has been providing services within a reasonable price range.


6. Satish Mehandi Art


The Mehandi Art is not just about creating a unique design but also to maintain the safeness of the skin so that it doesnot cause rashes. This is the approach that makes Satish Mehandi Art emphasise on producing Mehandi art that is not only creative but also is totally natural. They use 100% natural Mehendi products that are completely chemical-free and gives better satisfaction to their clients.


Satish Mehendi Art also provides a wide range of Mehendi designs and patterns which range from the floral pattern to traditional design. The main focus of the Satish Mehandi Art is to provide the best design that makes the bride looks complete in their bridal attire. Their charges are also within a reasonable range and also provide the entended facility of creating Mehendi art for the family and guest provided for which they charge an extra fee.



7. Raaj Mehandi Art

Raaj Mehendi Art has been providing Mehendi service since 2005. It is a Gurgaon based Mehendi art studio which is being run by Raaj, and he has provided quality services since its inception. The uniqueness of this studio is that they have a team of experienced Mehendi artist which is lead by Raaj and has the expertise to provide a wide range of Mehendi design. The blending of traditional design with a contemporary pattern has helped them in provide some of the exceptional creation, which is not only unique but also exclusive. Moreover, they provide a quality service at a cheap price which has make them more distinctive and preferable to the pre-wedders.



8. Hunny Mehendi Designer


The Hunny Mehandi Designer is established by Keshav Arora, a Gurgaon based artist who has been providing the Mehendi designing service since 2009. Keshav, who has covered more than 200 weddings, has a vast experience in Mehandi designing. Their emphasis on creative and fine designing has propelled them to excelled further in their field and to provide the best services to their clients. They also have the expertise of providing a wide variety of designs which range from wave pattern to floral designing and also has the ability to deliver various types of contemporary Mehendi design as per their clients’ requirements. Moreover, they charge a reasonable price for the bride’s full Mehendi while additional charges are taken for doing Mehendi for guest and family members.



9. Weddingmehandiart

Weddingmehandiart is mostly popular for providing innovative Mehandi design for pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. Their focus on creating contemporary design has helped them to shape their service more purposeful and unique to their clients. It is a Gurgaon based Mehendi art studio which was established in 2013, and since then they are providing new Mehendi designs and pattern that has helped them to live up to the mark.


Weddingmart is mainly popular for providing a variety of distinctive Mehendi pattern that complements well with the overall attire of the bride. The only exception to their service is that they have limited their service facility within Gurgaon and does not travel abroad. But that won’t be an issue for a Gurgaon based wedders as they can easily avail their service and that too within an affordable price range.



10. Raju Mehendi Artist


If you are planning to make an exceptional appearance for your wedding ceremony, then all you need is a unique touch of Mehendi that gives you a distinctive look. To make your dream a reality a leading Gurgaon based Mehendi artist Ruju has come up with a new creative approach towards the art of Mehendi designing.


He possesses a vast experience and offers a wide range of design and patterns on henna painting. From contemporary exotic design to ethnic, bridal design, they also offer customized Mehendi design so that you can select the best design accordingly. Moreover, some of the Mehendi designs offered by them include Arabic Mehendi, Traditional Mehendi, Designer Mehendi, Rajasthani Mehendi and Bridal Mehendi.

To Conclude:

The Mehendi plays a significant role in the Indian wedding ceremony. It not only lends a touch of the beautiful colour pattern but also adds an ecstatic joy to the festivities of the wedding. In addition to that helps in boosting the romance between the couples in the initial days of the wedding and turn the wedding days into a grand celebration.

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