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Top 20 Banquet Halls In Janakpuri

  • By admin
  • November 11, 2019
  • 9 minutes read

With time, many banquet halls are taking over the market. Each time you go to book one hall, you will get to hear about some new options to go for. It is not always possible to throw every party and organize every event at home; you also need banquet halls to organise functions. In banquet halls, there are people who can take all the responsibilities while letting you enjoy all the events. They arrange everything with ease and perfection. Here are some of the banquet halls greater noida which you can look for in Janakpuri.

Best Banquet Halls In Janakpuri-

Casa Royal Banquet-

The Casa Royal Banquet has two elegant halls for gatherings like birthday parties, pre-wedding functions, reception ceremonies, etc. The banquet has its decorators who would decorate the hall according to whatever décor or theme you want. The hall can accommodate around 200 people in each hall. It has enough space for vehicle parking and also offers valet services. They serve extremely delicious and scrumptious food. The beautiful décor and amazingly friendly staff makes the Casa Royal Banquet an ideal destination for your events.

AshirwadBanquet Hall-

The Ashirwad Banquet in Janakpuri, Delhi is a great option when it comes to a reception party, pre-wedding party or an intimate wedding. The hall is very easy accessible as it is close to the metro station. The food served here is vegetarian and very delicious. The banquet has beautiful interiors. The Ashirwas banquet hall has the capacity of accommodating around 200 people for one event. The hall is ideal for organising small intimate  gatherings.


Piccadily banquet is situated right in the city’s business hub. The banquet has an area for partying and organising weddings. It even has a poolside, which is perfect for organising any pre-wedding ceremony or cocktail party. The poolside can have around 200 people in it, and the banquet hall area can accommodate around 1500 people. The food served here is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The staff of the banquet will look after every need of your guests. And the decorating team will take up the responsibility of decorating the hall according to your requirements. The PiccadilyHotel even provides a comfortably big parking area for parking the vehicles. Also, they offer changing rooms for both the bride and groom.

Five Elements By Sandoz-

The Five Elements By Sandoz is a beautiful place to host your wedding. The banquet has multiple areas for partying. The food which they serve is exceptionally delicious. They even take care of all the decorations which you will need for your function, along with that they provide a changing room for free only for the bride and the groom. The 5 Elements Banquet is so elegantly designed that it is the ideal most for organizing any royal wedding. The beautiful ambiance of the banquet gives it a very welcoming and inviting vibe.

Janakpuri Club-

In Janakpuri Club, you can find all the elements which are needed for a wedding. The Janakpuri Club has a hall and a lawn so that multiple events can be hosted together. The club serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties of food. The decorators will take up the responsibility of decorating the hall while you can enjoy it. The club is well-equipped with modern facilities. The staff members’ hospitality and friendly nature will make the guests comfortable. Also, make sure that the banquet is only for those who are the club members.

 Precious Moments Banquet-

The precious moments are ideal for hosting functions like anniversaries, birthdays, pre-wedding functions, family get-togethers, etc. It is a multi-storeyed banquet hall with beautiful rooftop space and terrace gardens. The hall serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. The decoration is taken care of by the décor team. They have well trained, professional staff to deliver all services efficiently. The banquet even provides you with a great selection of cocktails. Refresh your guests and impress them with the beautiful ambiance.

Seven Pearls Banquet-

The Seven Pearls Banquet has elegant interiors that beautiful décor, which makes the banquet perfect for a royal wedding. The banquet has many areas for partying in the same venue. The maximum amount of people that can accommodate is 700 in one hall. The other halls have a lesser capacity to accommodate people for one event. The banquet has a lawn, and the halls are very spacious. They can accommodate a huge crowd for the event. Treat your guests with multi-cuisines and mouth watering food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They serve you alcohol and you will even have allowance for bringing alcohol form outside. Along with that there are decorators of the banquet who take up all the responsibilities of decoration.

Umang Palace Banquet-

The Umang Palace Banquet is deal for gatherings with a large number of people. Like weddings, engagements, receptions etc. The banquet I’d pretty easily accessible as it’s near to the metro stations. They even have valet and parking services to offer. The food served in Umang Palace is lip smacking good. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian multi-cuisine delicacies. They even serve refreshing cocktails.The banquet has changing rooms too. So on different floors they have different halls whichoffer different people accommodating capacity.

RD’s Fiesta Banquet-

The RD’s Fiesta Banquet is easily accessible as it is near the metro station. Occasions like receptions, engagements, and even weddings can be hosted here. They serve delicious mouth-watering multi-cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They even serve cocktails for their guests. They have two halls with maximum of 200 people accommodating capacity. They have enough car parking space. The beautiful décor and interiors make the banquet perfect for occasions and functions.

Maharaja AgrasenBhawan-

In Maharaja AgrasenBhawan, occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday, and many such functions are held. The banquet has beautiful intricate designs. Which gives you a class experience. They offer the best service and facilities. The Maharaja AgrasenBhawanis perfect for organising intimate and small scale functions. They only serve vegetarian delicacies which are surely very delicious.The hall can accommodate maximum of 200 people per occasion.

SK Westend Convention-

SK Westend Convention banquet is used for multiple purposes. There are total four areas to organise various parties and functions. There can be various wedding and pre-wedding events. The banquet has a team of decorators and caterers. They provide with comfortable services. They even have a car parking space and valet parking area for guests. They also provide with changing rooms.

Diva Luxury Banquet-

The Diva Luxury Banquet is located in Delhi, Janakpuri. It is one such destinations of West Delhi which is appropriate for organising any of your luxurious programs. Be it a reception, social event, birthday, anniversaries, or family get-togethers, all of these can be hosted here. The banquet provides multiparty areas for partying. They have a spacious banquet and sprawling lawn. They serve flavours food birth, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian. They even provide decorators who will help you create the look you want. The hall can accommodate 300 people, whereas the lawn can accommodate 400 people for an event.

La Fortuna Banquet-

The La Fortuna  Banquet is a spacious place to organise your functions. There are different halls on different floors. They are quite well known in the city for the mouth-watering food they supply. There are enough parking spaces and valet services. The luxurious and gorgeous intricate details of the banquet make your day even more special.

Hotel Palazzo Inn-

The Hotel Palazzo Inn is perfect for wedding and pre-wedding events. It is situated near the metro station, making it easily accessible. They serve scrumptious vegetarian food. They even offer a comfortable stay. Also, small functions and events can be held here like intimate get-togethers and birthday parties.

Victoria Banquet-

In Victoria Banquet many functions can be held like weddings, pre-weddings, engagements ceremony etc. From sangeets to cocktail parties you can have everything. They provide you with in-house catering service with delicious food.They provide you with enough parking space to park your vehicles. And for the party they even provide you with DJ service.

White House Party Palace-

The House Party Palace, is the ideal place for small gatherings. The place can accommodate around 400 people per event. The venue is fully equipped banquet hall. They even have decorators for decorating the hall. Their catering services are very famous for their mouth watering tasty food. And they even have enough parking space.

G Grand Rose Banquet-

The banquet hall is for social gatherings, family functions, birthday parties, pre-wedding gatherings etc. The banquet has amazing catering services. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines are served. For partying even DJ service is there.

Grand Empire Banquet-

The Grand Empire Banquet is a spacious hall with beautiful interiors. Perfect for organizing social gatherings with your near ones. For family functions or business get-togethers, you can arrange all these events in this banquet. There is a smoking area, and live band shows are performed. And delicious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian is served.

Merry Zone-

The merry zone banquet serves delicious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The hall is air-conditioned and decorators for decorating the hall according to your wish and taste.

S.S Vatika-

The SS VatikaBanquet serves good quality food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is a spacious air-conditioned hall with the capacity to accommodate 1000 people for an event. They even provide decoration services.

These were the top 20 Banquet Halls of Janakpuri. You can go and book any of these banquet halls for organizing any event. Be it a wedding or a business get-together you can look for these halls and organise your functions.

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