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What are the safe ways to prevent your period on your wedding day?

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 17, 2022
  • 6 minutes read


Brides prep for their wedding for months… getting that perfect lehenga, makeup, hair and whatnot. But there’s one thing that concerns them the most during their wedding functions… and that’s their menstrual cycle! If you are one of god’s lucky children and get regular periods then you must be well versed with your period math which can help you see if your cycle will interfere with your wedding functions. No one rarely ever wants to deal with their period, especially during their wedding functions as it may get stressful to manage.


You would love to know that there are certain ways that can help you avoid your period on your wedding day!  Trust us, it is possible to delay your period for your wedding. The best way to delay your period for your wedding day is by using a form of hormonal birth control. Though these methods traditionally follow schedules that force a bleed once per month, but this timeline isn’t necessary. You should know that every birth control method follows an arbitrary ‘one week of bleeding’ schedule. When, in reality, your period could be every three months, every six months, or never. You can safely use your birth control to skip bleeding cycles altogether, thus preventing your period on important days, which we break down below.



Here are five things to know when considering how to delay your period for your wedding and related events…




Visit your doctor for a consultation


We strongly advise you to not try anything just by reading over the internet! Always consult your doctor before making any decision regarding your health. Talk to your gynaecologist or even your family doctor for advice. A professional will help you understand which period prevention method is right for you. Above all, you will also get to know any risks or side effects that may occur. As there are quite a few ways to prevent your period, talking to a doctor who understands your medical history will help narrow down the best choice for you and your body.



Consider Starting a Form of Birth Control



The only way to stop or delay your period is only possible by a variety of hormonal birth control methods. The IUD, the implant, the shot, the pill, the patch, or the ring could be used to try to avoid bleeding on your wedding day. Also, from this group, the pill, the patch, and the ring are the easiest to control manually, thus making them more likely to help completely prevent your period.


If you are already taking birth control pills, for instance, then you can skip the last week of placebo pills and then immediately start taking the next week of hormonal pills to delay bleeding. Whereas on the patch, which is traditionally worn for three weeks and left off for one, simply keep one on your body every week to delay bleeding. In the case of the ring, insert a new one after three weeks instead of going without it for one week. Each of these three methods is a safe way to prevent bleeding during the “period week.”


The other three birth control methods may make your period lighter, but it’s not certain that these will stop your bleeding completely. In the case of IUD, the implant and the shot, 30% of people lose their periods and 70% get lighter periods. If you’re part of the 70%, you could switch to another method.



Start Testing Options Early On


As there are multiple birth control methods available that may prevent your period for your wedding, you will have enough time to experiment is the best way to find one that works for you. You can start researching and testing options as soon as possible. You should always keep in mind that everybody breaks through period prevention methods at different times. For example, if your wedding is in six months and you want to make sure you won’t have your period, test a variety of methods ahead of time to see which prevention method works best for your body. You should aim at a minimum of three months at least to see how you’ll react to any of these methods.


Also, if you’re already on hormonal birth control, then your body is likely used to its schedule and may react to a change in routine. Similarly, if you’ve never been on birth control, then it would be hard to predict how your body will handle something new. Therefore, it is necessary to work with your doctor to prevent your period for your wedding. If you are testing a new method then it may take time for your body to readjust, and it can result in breakthrough bleeding or other side effects during the early stages which can even confuse you more! You need to give yourself plenty of time to find a system that works for you as you can’t compromise your period health.

Begin Tracking Your Menstrual Cycles


If you aren’t interested in using any kind of contraceptives to delay your period for your wedding day, then an alternative option is to track your menstrual cycles. This won’t stop bleeding, but it will help you predict whether your period will come on your wedding day. This will help you prepare to manage symptoms accordingly. While you can always do the tracking of your period on a calendar and now there are new modern tools that can also do the work for you.



Take care of your stress levels


The most important thing that you should keep in mind! Stress can seriously impact your body, especially when it comes to your period schedule. Be mindful of your stress levels as it can also move your period around, and your wedding can, of course, be a very stressful event. If you’re tracking your cycle but you’re under stress, it may move around. Being intentional about taking care of your mind and body is the best way to prevent stress from taking over, thus causing unwanted side effects.



We hope it helps!



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