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A Fool-Proof Guide For Your Sangeet Night

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • October 11, 2021
  • 3 minutes read


Indian weddings are no less than a fiesta as they are all about having a fun time with your near and dear ones and celebrate the most special time of your life. The multiple functions add to the fun quotient of the celebration and amongst all the most fun and glammed up functions is the sangeet night. This function is the most awaited event of the whole celebration. What makes it so entertaining is that on this day the bride and the groom let their hair down and go crazy while they celebrate their pre-wedding madness with their family and friends. Let’s not forget a lot of booze also sets the right mood for the event! Though it can be a little too intimidating, especially when you are aware that the night is all about having fun! It has to be a carefree and crazy night and to make it that way you have to plan ahead!

To make it easy for you, we are here with an ultimate Sangeet Day checklist for all the brides out there so that this fun event goes on without any hassle and with loads of fun!



Morning of the function


  • Get your outfit steam ironed on the same day in the morning and hang it all opened up to avoid creasing
  • Make a decision regarding the draping of the dupatta if you are wearing a lehenga for hassle-free dancing
  • Confirm timings with all your vendors including MUA, photographer, caterer and DJ
  • Don’t forget to send the order of the songs for the performances on your WhatsApp group’ so that everyone can be in sync




Just before the sangeet function


  • Have a person designated for the coordination of all the performances
  • Try some dance moves after getting ready so that you can check the comfort of your outfit while dancing
  • Keep a pair of flats if you are wearing heels so that you can change to dance the night away comfortably
  • Always keep an emergency kit so that you can touch up between all that dancing and madness
  • Tell your videographer which performances you want to be covered




At The Sangeet Venue


  • Start with your pre-event shoot so that you can have perfect pictures before the madness
  • Get everything sorted for the games you have planned for your sangeet
  • Don’t forget to browse and confirm the song list for all the performances as well as the party also do tell them the song you have decided on for your couple entry
  • Make sure the DJ knows the transition to it to your couple entry song as well
  • Have a gala time with your friends and family



After The Madness


  • Make sure you check the rooms as well as the venue to ensure you are not leaving anything behind especially the heel you changed from
  • Making all the necessary payments




We hope this helps!

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