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A special wedding prepping guide for parents!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 30, 2019
  • 3 minutes read

In every wedding, everyone just talks about the bride and the groom as well as their outfits, makeup, jewellery and everything else related to them. But, people usually forget what their parents are going through this whole celebration. Planning a wedding is a tough task in itself as there is too much spending to curate a three-day affair perfectly. So here we’re to make things a tad bit easier for your parents!

Here is a complete checklist with clear demarcations that will help you to do the right time at the right time. So, let’s get started?


After finalizing the date 

First things first, have a date ready and after that, you need to relax a bit! We totally understand, there would be a long list of tasks to be done but don’t let it weigh you down. Sit down and pen down all the big things such as bookings, guest list, and many more! Or, just refer to A Foolproof Guide To Plan Your Wedding that we have shared with you! You can also create a WhatsApp group and add your partner, your child who’s getting married. Discuss the vendors as it will make decision making a bit easy.


12 Months Before the Wedding

Define Your Budget: There is a possibility of you sponsoring the whole wedding or pitching in some form for the expenses. So, define your budget, and start planning accordingly.

Make Your Guest List: You can start with a rough draft in an excel sheet which you can even edit in the future.  This will help you make arrangements as well as bookings for the wedding functions.


9 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

Start Booking: You should start booking the primary vendors such as the venues, catering, wedding decorators as well as photographers. There can be a possibility that your favourite vendor is already booked, so you’ll have to hurry!

Wedding Invites: After booking your primary vendors, get your invites designed. The whole process of designing and printing would take its own time, so get them ready beforehand.


5 to 4 Months Before the Wedding 

Shopping: The shopping includes shopping for everything starting from the bride or groom’s outfits, bride’s trousseau, Mehendi favours, wedding favours and whatever needed. There can be a possibility that your daughter is planning an elaborate 31 piece trousseau, so, this would be the time to probably start shopping!


3 Months Before the Wedding 

Shop for yourself: In all, that wedding madness and planning don’t forget to shop for yourself as you will be the centre of attraction at the wedding after the bride as well as groom.


1 Month Before the Wedding 

Get Sweets or the wedding favours ordered: Whatever you are planning to send out with the wedding invites be it sweets or wedding favours, order them at least 1-1.5 months in advance.

Send Out Invites: This would be the right time to start rolling cards out! The guests would need to have some time to prep for the wedding as well!


Pro Tip: Distribute some tasks amongst the other family members and make each person in charge of their tasks. This would help you to lessen the workload upon you

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