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Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates For Marriages in 2022!

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • July 1, 2021
  • 7 minutes read


As today we are heading into the seventh month of this year, we can mark the completion of half of the year 2021! We thought this year to be free from COVID-19 but it had some other plans for us. This pandemic has made us pause our wedding celebrations in the year 2020 as well as 2021! But now as many restrictions as being lifted, we see a ray of hope in the latter part of 2021 and the year 2022! So if you are also planning a wedding in 2022 then this one is for you!

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We have curated a list of auspicious Hindu wedding dates for marriages in 2022. You can have a look at the whole calendar for the year 2022 that will help you plan your wedding at one of the auspicious marriage dates in 2022!



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in January 2022



There is a possibility that you may be one of the couples who had to postpone or cancel their 2021 wedding because of the second wave! Then you can choose one of the dates in the first month of the year 2022 as your wedding day. This month will be all about winter weddings which are no less than a dream! Therefore, we suggest you book your wedding vendors as soon as possible as the demand would be too high. So, wedding dates in January are

  • January 15th 2022 (Saturday),
  • January 20th 2022 (Thursday),
  • January 21th 2022 (Friday),
  • January 22th 2022 (Saturday),
  •                                                                   January 23rd 2022 (Sunday),
  • January 24th 2022 (Sunday),
  • January 27th 2022 (Thursday)
  • January 29th 2022 (Saturday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in February 2022



Being the month of love, people love to tie the knot in this month. It’s the best time to celebrate your wedding as the most wonderful weather. This month will help you plan an amazing outdoor winter wedding while flaunting your heavy lehenga that too without freezing to death! There are only 5 dates in this month that include

  • February 5th 2022 (Saturday),
  • February 11th 2022 (Friday),
  • February 18th 2022 (Friday),
  • February 21st 2022 (Monday)
  • February 22nd 2022 (Tuesday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in March 2022



Sadly, there are no auspicious wedding dates this month!



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in April 2022



Again, one of the loved months to get married! If you love summers and summer tones then you should definitely plan a wedding in April! You can use the pop of colour in your décor as well as outfits to make your celebration even more colourful! This month includes auspicious Hindu marriage dates including

  • April 17th 2022 (Sunday),
  • April 19th 2022 (Tuesday),
  • April 21st 2022 (Thursday),
  • April 22nd 2022 (Friday),
  • April 23rd 2022 (Saturday)
  • April 28th 2022 (Thursday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in May 2022



The month of May is filled with 13 auspicious Hindu marriage dates. Therefore, you have to be quick while booking your favourite vendors. We would advise you to start planning everything well in advance. The Wedding Dates in May 2022 are

  • May 2nd 2022 (Monday),
  • May 3rd 2022 (Tuesday),
  • May 9th 2022 (Monday),
  • May 10th 2022 (Tuesday),
  • May 11th 2022 (Wednesday),
  • May 12th 2022 (Thursday),
  • May 13th 2022 (Friday),
  • May 17th 2022 (Tuesday),
  • May 18th 2022 (Wednesday),
  • May 20th 2022 (Friday),
  • May 25th 2022 (Wednesday),
  • May 26th 2022 (Thursday)
  • May 31st 2022 (Tuesday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in June 2022



June is the Monsoon wedding season and it will be a bit busy this year as it has 9 auspicious Hindu marriage dates. The Wedding Dates in June 2022 are

  1. June 6th  2022 (Monday),
  2. June 8th 2022 (Wednesday),
  3. June 11th 2022 (Saturday),
  4. June 12th 2022 (Sunday),
  5. June 13th 2022 (Monday),
  6. June 14th 2022 (Tuesday),
  7. June 15th 2022 (Wednesday),
  8. June 16th 2022 (Thursday),
  9. June 21st 2022 (Tuesday)
  10. June 22nd 2022 (Wednesday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in July 2022



Lovers of monsoon can plan their wedding in July, but we would advise you to book an indoor wedding venue that would be the right choice for the season. The Wedding dates in July 2022 are

  • July 3rd 2022 (Sunday),
  • July 4th 2022 (Monday),
  • July 5th 2022 (Tuesday),
  • July 6th 2022 (Wednesday)
  •                                                                       July 7th 2022 (Thursday)
  • July 8th 2022 (Friday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in August, September and October 2022



These three months of the year including August, September and October have no auspicious wedding dates, therefore, use it for going crazy with the wedding shopping. But if you want to go for a court marriage or even a no-phera wedding, then these months are perfect!



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in November 2022


Marriage Dates in November


The wedding season kicks off again from November. There are 6 auspicious Hindu marriage dates for November 2022. The month of November is one of the most loved months to get married as it’s neither too cold nor too hot and you can enjoy your wedding celebrations without any discomfort. The Wedding Dates in November 2022 are

  • November 4th 2022 (Friday),
  • November 19th 2022 (Saturday),
  • November 20th 2022 (Sunday),
  • November 21st 2022 (Monday),
  • November 24th 2022 (Thursday),
  • November 25th 2022 (Friday)
  • November 27th  2022 (Sunday).
  • November 28th  2022 (Monday).



Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in December 2022




December month is all about celebrations. It’s the most loved month for weddings people love getting married in the winters. The Wedding Dates in December 2022 are

  • December 1st 2022 (Saturday),
  • December 2nd 2022 (Friday),
  • December 7th 2022 (Wednesday),
  • December 8th 2022 (Thursday),
  • December 9th 2022 (Friday)
  • December 13th 2022 (Tuesday).
  •                                                               December 14th 2022 (Wednesday).


So, which 2022 month will you choose for your dream wedding day? Tell us in the comments section below!



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