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#FNPGuides: Important things to keep in mind before creating a Wedding Expenses Checklist

  • By Ridhima Arora
  • August 7, 2020
  • 4 minutes read


After the finalisation of the wedding date, the wedding planning madness starts in full swing. The whole planning starts with making an exhaustive checklist that will help you plan your wedding flawlessly. One thing we really want to share with you, that you will be required to make multiple checklists and the most important one would be the wedding expenses checklist.


We are all aware of the fact that there are so many people involved in a wedding including the vendors and guests. Above all, there will be various monetary transactions that will happen throughout the process of wedding planning. Therefore, keeping a track of all the


expenditures while sticking to the budget can be made easy with Wedding Expenses Checklist. Here are some things that you should keep in mind before creating one…



Decide on a Budget


Planning or deciding on a wedding budget is really important and it should be on the top of your wedding planning list. All the wedding-related decisions are dependent upon the money you have decided to spend on the wedding. It will help you to filter the wedding vendors and the services and even decide upon the guest list.



Shortlisting the venues for your multiple functions


After budgeting the next thing should be finalising the venues for all your functions. Just keep in mind what type of wedding you want before finalising the venues. If you are looking for a destination or residential wedding then you should go for a resort, or in the case of a day wedding, you can go for an open farmhouse and so on…  Before finalising the venues you also need to visit the venues too.



Planning dates for your pre-wedding functions


After finalising the wedding date, you need to focus on the dates for your pre-wedding functions. There are some ceremonies that can be celebrated on the same day such as Mehndi ceremony during the day and the sangeet or cocktail ceremony by the night. Plus, also you need to keep a gap too between them to avoid getting too tired from back to back functions. These are important for your Wedding Expenses Checklist too.



Making a decision about hiring a wedding planner


We have always told you that wedding planning is not at all an easy task therefore one can go for professional and hire a wedding planner. The wedding planners will make wedding planning a cakewalk for you by taking over all the responsibilities of making your wedding planning less stressful and flawless. Their service fee will be included in your expense checklist.



Deciding on the Wedding Vendors


Whatever the size of your wedding is, you would need professional services of the vendors to make your dream wedding turn into reality. You would need to decide upon the wedding caterers, decorators hair & makeup artists, dress designers for your wedding. Just look at their work online, talk to them on video calls to get acquainted with them and their services before finalising them. Also, read their online reviews too.



Make a first draft of the guest-list


Making the guest list is one of the most stressful tasks in the whole wedding planning process. You just can’t figure it out in the first draft. It is really important to know your guest list as your venue selection also depends upon that. Not just that even the catering and seating arrangement that is done on the per head basis also needs the headcount.  Therefore, finalising the guest lists play a very important role in the wedding expenses checklist.



Planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks therefore a wedding checklist is a must to do it perfectly. You have to take care of all the expenses mentioned in the checklist. We know there will be a million tasks written in that checklist but you won’t be missing any if you have penned them down. Also, tick off the ones that you paid for and highlight the major expenses in line.



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